House Tour

Here's a quick tour of our humble abode that we call home. As you can see from the photos, it's a fixer-upper - and we love it! We are still currently updating and remodeling our house (hence the blog detailing our adventures and misadventures of our progress!), so there are quite a few missing "After" photos on this page. I guess you'll just have to follow along to see how they turn out...

To view the floor plan, click here.

Exterior Before:
When we bought our house the exterior wasn't in such bad shape. It mostly needed a few upgrades for security purposes, so we installed a new front door, storm door, lights, got a new garage door, created a raised circular garden bed and refinished our wrought iron porch railing to up the curb appeal.

Exterior Now:

Living Room Before:

The Living Room was one reason we fell in love with the house. It boasted a great cathedral style ceiling, a large picture window which lets in plenty of light, and a corner rock fireplace. However, the existing tile was falling apart and the carpet gave off a foul odor. So, we ripped out the carpet and installed wood laminate flooring, new tile, painted the walls, and updated the ceiling fan.

Living Room Now:

Dining Area Before:

The Dining Area connects to the Living Room, so we ripped out the carpet, installed wood laminate flooring, removed the door, painted the walls, installed a new light fixture, and added shelves.

Dining Area Now:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Now:

Main Bathroom Before:

Where to begin with the bathroom? While not the worst room in the house, it definitely needed some updates. So, we tore out the halfwall of tiles and miscolored grout, ripped out the flooring, installed new tile and white beadboard, spackled, painted, and installed a ceiling fan vent, new vanity, light and mirror.

Main Bathroom Now:

Office Before:

The office was a dark room full of rough and scratchy paneled wood, in need of a desperate makeover. So, we took to it and prepped and painted to brighten it up, converted the closet to an office file space, and then added 2 cheapo desks to create a functional two-person computer workstation on a budget.

Office Now:

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom Now:

Nursery Before:

Basement Before:

The basement was the biggest challenge we faced in remodeling our new home. To update it (and make it smell better), we ripped out the carpet and removed asbestos tiles, installed new drywall, new doors and painted, and created a small nook

Basement Now:

Guest Bedroom Before:

Our best guess is that the Guest Bedroom was intended to be a Nebraska Cornhuskers room (people here in Omaha are huge Huskers fans) due to the red and black color theme. However, we had a different vision in mind. We installed new carpet, new doors and painted for a light, airy and welcoming room that guests would love to stay in.
Guest Bedroom Now:

Guest Bathroom Before:
The Guest Bathroom was a small, dirty and dark place - and full of creepy spiders (ew!) and surprises. We discovered a shower disguised as a linen closet, painted the wooden paneling and walls, hung some fabric, tiled the floor and added some DIY art and thrifty finds to brighten the space up on the cheap.

Guest Bathroom Now:

Backyard Before:

There was an odd raised area in the backyard when we first moved in. Guess what it was? The previous owner had buried a cement patio. So, we dug it up.

Backyard Now:
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