Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally! Wall Art in the Master Bedroom.

First, before I get on to the fun stuff, I want to sincerely apologize to you guys - due to holiday drama, time crunches, vacation and time with family and friends, we didn't have a whole lot of extra minutes to get projects (much less posts) done. Aside from the dresser how-to and reveal (which were saved posts from the fall), you guys have been receiving a very high amount of "Inspiration" posts in your readers/inboxes, rather than the usual project, tutorial or progress posts you get from us.

So, I'm sorry. I feel like I haven't quite been living up to the usual happenings and posts around here.

But you understand, right?

I also want to thank you for reading this little ole' blog of ours, and for putting up with our posts as of late. Believe me when I say that every comment and visit really makes my day.

Because it's totally true.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff! On to the latest and greatest house project, already!

So, it's no joke that the walls in our Master Bedroom needed some decor. They looked seriously nekked.

We didn't want to clutter the small room too much, but figured that it needed a little somethin'-somethin' on the big blank area to the left of the bed. After much thought and consideration as to what we should put there (okay, not really!) we I decided on an asymmetric photo wall.

I won't lie. It was mostly because we found a pack of brown/copperish frames on sale at Target one day, and BAM! It was perfect. Yeah, it would've had more character if we'd slowly put a bunch of frames together over time, but honestly that sounded like a heckuva lot more work. Maybe later we'll get around to that.


Anyways, I thought the brown frames would be perfect because it would tie in well with the brown wooden top of the dresser, the grass basket under the chair, and the bedside shelves.

Perfect? Totally.

And what better to put in those new wall frames than photos of the day we officially became "one"? (and that fact that those are the only professional photos we own might have something to do with it, too) .

So, several hours spent editing photos from our wedding (we're cheap and just bougtht raw camera shots from our photographer - being a graphic designer, I love it!), measuring, printing and cutting...

I just popped them into the frames. I love easy.

I arranged them on the floor while planning photos for each frame and also to find an arrangement that we liked. (Hint: I pretty much just copied the arrangement on the front of the box for ours, just reversing the two middle ones.)

Now, I could tell you that we meticously planned and plotted exactly where we wanted the frames, using painter's tape to get them perfect before nailing into the wall.

But I would be lying to you.

Nope, we did it the old-fashioned hold-it-up-and-take-your-best-guess approach. And yes, there are quite a few nail holes in the wall behind the frames that will have to be patched up. One day, that is.

But after a few mistakes (and more than a few nail holes), they are hung!

For this frame I cut up one of our wedding invitations that I designed to break up all the detail-rich photos and add a little variety (while keeping with the yellow theme).

This was a fun one. I printed out an 8.5 x 11" photo and carefully cut it into thirds to get this one. You can do this with any multiple-opening matted frame, too! It's easy and produces such a neat result - just remember to measure correctly...

We love the life that they add to the wall and the room, and make us smile every time we look at them. The colors also coordinate with the room really well, as (luck would have it) our wedding color was yellow (with red for accent). And the color plan for our bedroom? Blue and yellow. Love it.

What do you guys think? Do you like it as much as we do? Do you have any photo groupings/arrangements in your own home? Do you opt for the easy way out sometimes like we do (haha!)?

Next up - making a (mostly) no-sew pillow. I figured if I could make a curtain/headboard with that iron-on sewing tape and canvas, then I could make a pillow! Stay tuned to find out if it'll be a success or a failure...
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  1. That matches perfectly, and the wedding photos are a great touch. Your bridal colors really do set the room off.

    Hmmmmm...my wedding color was navy, and that's a prominent color in our bedroom redo...

  2. I like how the darker frames contrast with all the cool colors and whites you have going on.

  3. Very cute!! Love those frames and I think the colors you picked are beautiful! And trust me I understand on the catching up and the no posting! We have all been there! :)

  4. I do love them! I really like how you included part of your wedding invitation too. I might also have to steal that idea of cutting a single picture into 3 parts; I have an empty multi-photo frame lying around.

    I did kind of the same thing in our bedroom last year, with a boxed set of frames that we had gotten for our wedding. It worked out pretty nicely and helped fill up wall space!

    I wonder if it would look cool if you painted a rectangle in a lighter shade than your wall color behind the frames to "ground" them even more? Not sure, I just thought of that. Then you'd have to keep them there forever, unless you painted over it again.

    Okay, that was a really long comment. Guess I could just relate to this post! :)

  5. It's pretty! It doesn't hurt that you have very nice wedding photos. I just bought a couple frames from Target for a 'gallery' wall, so don't feel bad about not building a collection over time - who wants to wait??!

  6. Beautiful! Would love to see a shot of your bedroom with the new art on the wall-I bet it looks awesome. And I like Amanda's idea of a bit darker color behind them to ground them, give them even more weight.
    Love the idea you had of splitting that one shot up into 3. Very cool.

  7. I love the way you cut the photo into thirds, what a great effect! And printing/hanging photos is high on my to do list this year - we barely have any photos in the entire house and we've lived here over two years - we are slackers, what can I say. :)

  8. That's really cool! I love what you did with the 3 photo frame. Very unique. Your wedding pics are gorgeous. I wish I could re-do mine! I'll just have to make sure my kids get an awesome photographer and live vicariously. :)


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