Thursday, December 23, 2010

Master Bedroom: Refinished Dresser Before and After {Full Reveal}

Are you guys ready?

Here she is before (or rather, middle):

And here she is now....

We refinished this old dresser in a two-tone style (click here for our tutorial), and it makes a huge difference!

Want to know the total cost? Since we had most of the supplies on-hand, the redo only cost us $5 for the woodstain, and then we spent $30 on knobs from Anthropologie. So the total comes to $35, which really isn't bad at all for a basically new dresser!

We love it!
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  1. Great job, you guys! The the two-tone, and love the pulls.

  2. 100% better! I love the two toned look!

  3. That dresser came out so smooth I'm tempted to make out with it! I love that the biggest outlay of cash was the knobs. Bravo!

  4. It looks SO much better! The price is great - especially because you did it yourself, it makes it much more special than a store-bought one.

  5. Mucho love for how it turned out! I adore it, and the little white tray on top too! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Beautiful! Pottery Barn ain't got nuthin' on you. Can't wait to see what's next!

  7. Your dresser looks SO good, and fits perfectly in your bedroom! Those knobs are genius. It reminds me of the console table I did in the same two-tone look -- I even used a Dark Walnut stain too. Great minds think alike! ;)

  8. Beautiful! I love the new look. The white is so crisp and clean. Nice work!!


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