Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Office Updates

Our little home office area (which we've just recently prepped and painted) has been getting some much-needed updates lately, making it look more like a home office and less like a... well, a hodge podge of random items.

Specifically, we wanted 2 different workstations that way we both could work at at the same time in the office - and we have 2 computers, so it makes sense. Only thing was, we had a very modern/contemporary glass L-shaped desk, and then a normal solid wood single desk.

Yeah, they didn't mesh very well.

In fact, after we painted the bedroom and installed the new light fixture, the wood desk looked completely out of place. So we said goodbye to the faithful old desk via Craigslist, and started pondering our options for a new workstation.

What did we decide?

We were really happy with our existing glass desk (and at $80 it was definitely within our price range), and so we just decided to get another one! We searched around and finally located it's twin at Walmart, and with free site-to-store shipping, we were sold.

They fit perfectly.

(also be prepared for some daylight photos now - the office looks tons different in day vs. night!)

Nice, right? We love it because we can both work very comfortably at the same time, and can easily roll over to the other side to watch/helpout the other person as needed.

Can you spot our other new purchases?

Hint: there's several.

First, we bought a new trash can (haha!), then we invested in 2 simple table lamps from Target. They really provide alot of much-needed light at night!

And then... we bought a rug.

I was wanting a bright and bold rug for this room, since it's very greige and neutral. It just needed a big pop of color, you know? After searching for awhile and not finding anything I loved at a price I loved, I found this totally awesome rug at Urban Outfitters, with all the colors I wanted (turquoise, white, black, and gray to tie in the wall color), a pattern that mimicked the shape of our light fixture perfectly, and the price - it was only $60 (with shipping) for a 4x6' rug. Not bad, right? Here's the link if you're interested.

I was actually pretty surprised to find that much of Urban Outfitters' furniture was very close in style to Anthropologie's stuff, except with a much prettier price tag. Definitely taking note to shop there in the future!

And then a quick photo of the light fixture in the daylight. Ooohh, ahhhh.

So that's it for our office updates for now - we have more to share, but you'll just have to wait to see the other side of the room until tomorrow (yeah, we're a tease!).

What do you think of our new purchases? Can you see the room starting to come together?

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  1. It's much brighter (and more wow) in your office than it is on the site. And I LOVE Urban Outfitters for their funky-but-affordable style.

  2. I was checking out that rug. Gorgeous!!! The office space looks perfect for the two of you!

  3. It's looking really nice! I dig the rug.

  4. Me likes. Great job on the primimg of the wood panels. Great blog you've gained a new fan


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