Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchen Remodel: DIY Tile Backsplash Reveal

Oh, how I love reveals. And before & afters. Aren't they just the best? Honestly, they gave me hope and inspiration when we first laid our mitts on the keys to our humble home, because, well, it was really very humble, if you get my drift.

So when I looked at this flower-power kitchen straight out of the 70's:

I managed to see a glimpse of a kitchen that was light and bright, airy but warm...

beautiful and sparkling...

and 100%...


May I present: Our Kitchen.
Date: Current Day.

It still amazes me that we've done every. single. thing. in this kitchen remodel - by ourselves. Heck, half most of the time we have no idea what we're doing! Complete amateurs here. But with a "sure, we can do that, let me just google it real quick and we'll get started" attitude, anything can happen.

The proof is right here.

Drywalling? No problem. Installing flooring? Piece of cake. Tiling new countertops and backsplash? Easy peasy.

Well... sorta.

Either way, we love it.

Here's a night shot showing off our DIY undercabinet lighting

Was the kitchen backsplash worth it? Definitely.

It wasn't that hard, it just took alot of elbow grease. And in the end, you want to know what the total was?

$80. Eighty bucks. I'd call that a successful DIY project, wouldn't you?

We wrote a series of 3 tutorials detailing every step of the way, too:

How To DIY Kitchen Tile Backsplash:
{Phase 1} Tiling
{Phase 2} Grouting
{Phase 3} Sealing and Caulking

I can honestly say that the number of To-Do's in the kitchen remodel is slowly dwindling. Haha, yes, we're not quite done yet... so I guess you'll just have to stick around to see what else we have up our sleeves!

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  1. Wow! Can I just say.....wow! It looks amazing, and totally professional. Yal did a fantastic job-can I hire you?

  2. Wonderful job. I love subway tile... it is so classic and timeless. Love your white kitchen!

  3. Wow, wow, WOW! This is one of the most dramatic Before & Afters I've seen! It should win an award or something. It doesn't even look like the same kitchen (I guess that's the point, huh?). I love everything you've done - great vision and great taste! The fact that you did it ALL yourselves is even more impressive. Kudos!!

  4. Sigh... white subway tiles will never fail to steal my heart. I love all the black you have in there too! Great job, you guys!

  5. This and the kitchen at Tearing Up Houses are bookmarked for this spring. I love what you've done and I'll be using a good bit of your advice.

  6. This is wonderful! I am feeling inspired to hit this project after Christmas. How did you do your cupboard tops? I couldn't see a blog about that. Thank you for sharing. Paula from Idaho

  7. Ha! We are the same way, we do all our own remodels and when the Home Depot guys ask us if we have any questions we always say "no we read about how to do it online" They always roll their eyes or laugh- but truth be told, our projects usually turn out like planned.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comments, everyone!

    @Paula - We did tutorials on our DIY black granite countertops here: http://www.thisfreshfossil.com/2010/11/kitchen-remodel-diy-tile-backsplash_30.html.

    Hope it helps!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  9. @thegirlwiththeplan - Haha, yes, that is so true! We never would've been this successful in DIYing our kitchen without the internet! Although the home improvement store employees have helped us out of a difficult jamb or two, most of the time our projects turn out really well thanks to google and the nice people out there with tutorials. :)


  10. What a beautiful transformation. What a great budget! You really brightened up and made the space modern. Thank you so much for sharing your makeover in the DIY Project Parade too! ;)

    We're redoing our kitchen too...it takes forever! lol


  11. this is just such a professional kitchen. I am in awe.

    thank you for linking it up with us. tomorrow I'm going to feature you, so hop on over then to come pick up your 'I'm featured' badge and while there, if you have another tutorial, we would be glad to have you join us again.

    once again, this is beautiful.


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