Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Master Bedroom Progess: Paint and Layout

Since I know it's killing you guys (and honestly, it seems like it's been forever!), I've decided to update you on our progress in our Master Bedroom remodel.

Our last post featuring this remodel identified several different ways of arranging the furniture to find a layout that works perfectly for us, and looks nice in our shoebox-sized 10 x 12.5' room. After looking and viewing lots of inspiration photos of different rooms with all kinds of layouts, we got to work.

Our first step: assessing our furniture. We looked at each item in the room and decided if we needed it and it served a function. Thanks to our recent closet remodel (where we took our super-tiny closet and actually doubled the storage space on the cheap), Tom was able to get rid of his dresser. How? The new closet organization system has so much storage space, that he was able to completely empty his dresser and neatly put away the contents into his part of the closet.


Getting rid of that big dresser freed up alot of floor space for us, so then we only had 3 pieces of furniture left to work with: the bed, my dresser, and a small side table that holds my hair and makeup supplies (oh, the downsides of having a tiny bath!).

Our second step: prep the room, and then paint! After prepping (filling in gaps/holes, sanding, etc), I primed everything in that room.

Ugh. That took forever.

Then I painted all the trim in the room (Valspar's Ultra White), followed by painting the ceiling (20% of wallcolor) and finally the walls (Valspar's Winter in Paris). We chose the paint color by matching our existing comforter and bedding to a blue on the paint chips, and then taking that paint chip and finding a lighter- slightly-grayer-with-a-hint-of-green color - and then making sure that color works with the paint colors in the rest of the house. The result? A color we love that really opens up the room.

Third: we moved in the furniture. After taking down all the tape, reinstalling the ceiling fan, installing new light switches and outlets and plates - it was time to move everything back in (good thing, too - we were starting to feel like college students again with our mattress and boxspring laying on the living room floor!).

And now this is where normal people would try out a few different furniture arrangements, step back after moving and decide which layout they like the best - but not us. Boy, as soon as we moved the furniture into their first resting place, we fell in love with the layout.

And there it's stayin'.

Yup, we decided to go with the angled-bed-in-the-corner layout. Why'd we choose this one? For a few reasons: 1) Butting the bed up against the 2 logical walls was awkward due to the window placements (the windows were half-hidden behind one side of the bed) and the location of the closet, and barely left any walking room around the bed. 2) The room felt much larger with the bed on a diagonal. 3) Who says beds have to be flush against a wall, anyways? and 4) It's unexpected - and so we love it.

Of course, there are additional challenges and obstacles to overcome if you decide to place a bed angled in a corner, as we've come to find out.

Especially if you don't place one at a perfect 45 degree angle against the corner.

Stay tuned for our plans to tackle that little pesky problem.

So what do you guys think? Are you a fan of the paint color? Would you have placed the bed on a diagonal, too? What obstacles do you guys think we'll run into, and what do you think our plans are for tackling them? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I love the paint color! I'm not usually a fan of the beds diagonally in the corner because of all the lost space, but since yours isn't at a 45 degree angle, it looks a lot better and doesn't seem to waste that much space.

  2. I like that you guys stuck with the angle that the bed was already at and I think that the color goes really well, especially with the rest of the house!

    HOWEVER.....I did NOT see any mention on a certain set of closet doors that were put up!

  3. I do love the color, it's really soothing. I may just not be a fan of the diagonal bed thing because ours is a king, and that would gobble a ton of space.

  4. Great color choice! I actually used winter in paris at our old house and really like it. Can't wait to see the finishing touches.

  5. Oooh, fantastic wall color! Can't wait to see more!!!


  6. Love the paint color. Not sure about the bed angle. (just keeping in real!)

  7. Thanks, guys! We absolutely heart the wall color, too. And no worries - we have a plan to make the bed angle work. ;)


  8. Ooohhh !! So pretty! Love the wall color and bedding!! Can't wait to see the BIG reveal. Great job guys!

  9. I can't wait to see what else you have planned. I am working on my master bedroom too so it is fun to see other ideas too!


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