Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bathroom Redo: Part 5 - Paint and Beadboard

Once the walls were spackled to our satisfaction to help even things out a bit (and we had eliminated the giant hole in the wall where the medicine cabinet used to be), it was time to really make things pretty with some paint!

When we're painting over particularly glossy surfaces or if it's a room we haven't painted yet ourselves, we like to start out with a nice coat of primer juuuusssst incase.

Then it was time to splash some color up on the walls!

When we were shopping for supplies I decided on a nice green/blue/turqoise/aqua color for the bathroom (using this method), and we love it! It's fresh and clean and really brightens up the room. The color itself reminds me of a pool or some of that cool sea glass that you can find along the beach. In a nutshell: nice and refreshing, especially with the big dose of white it's gonna get! The actual paint color is Frosty Grass by Valspar.

After the paint was on, we could proceed to covering up that ugly nastiness on the bottom half of the walls with some beautiful new beadboard, topped off with some new trim to finish things off. What a difference!

To get the beadboard up, it involved lots of measuring, cutting, and then some finishing nails and liquid nails for good measure and to ensure a secure and even bond with the wall (we didn't want any moisture getting caught back there!).

Kudos to Tom for making all the cuts so perfect! I tell ya, it was a bit of a process figuring out how to cut the beadboard out for the plumbing (previously there used to be a giant hole in the tiled wall for the sink plumbing). In the end he cut out a couple small squares that weren't part of the rest of the big piece of beadboard, thinking that in the future if we (or a later homeowner) needed access to the plumbing pipes behind the wall, all we'd have to do is rip out the small square areas around the pipes, keeping the rest of the beadboard intact (and we only used finishing nails for the small square section, so we could rip it out and reattach it without too much difficulty).

I gotta hand it to us, sometimes we really think ahead (and sometimes not-so-much).

Some caulk and a quick coat of white paint later (much thanks to Tom's Mom who came over and helped out with finishing the painting!)...

And the walls were about done!

It's really starting to look like an actual nice bathroom in here! Paint never ceases to amaze us with how quickly and easily it can transform an entire room, and the beadboard really makes everything look nice and airy and crisp while doing double-duty to conceal the nastiness leftover from the tiles along with adding tons of charm and character to the tiny bathroom. And the fact that the beadboard also very closely matches the white wainscotting in our basement and helps tie everything together for a more cohesive look and feel throughout our house just makes it that much sweeter!

Here's a quick shot of our basement wainscotting:

See? Pretty close match, huh?

Now it's time to tackle that floor...

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  1. It's looking so great! Wow, what a change. Can't wait to see the floors. : )

  2. It looks amazing!! I love the new color and you guys did a great job with the bead board. It flows nicely with the basement too. Can't wait to see it with the new sink. We're debating whether or not to redo our guest bathroom at the moment, and this gives me some good ideas. You guys always make it look so easy! :)


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