Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom Redo - Part 3: Demo

Ahh, demo is always the funnest part of any home remodel, am I right?

After installing a fan vent, shopping for supplies and planning our attack on the bathroom, it was time to break out the big guns.

Oh yeah.

Tom spent one lovely afternoon ripping out the old and cracking linoleum, along with the thick piece of plywood underneath, to reveal our wood subfloor.

Well... after we cleared out the huge mess, that is!

Then we realized that the wall tiles needed to go as well...

And this is what we were left with.

We noticed that there was a small area of the wooden subflooring that was beginning to rot next to the tub. After talking to some pros, we were left with two choices on how to handle it: 1) rip it out and replace it, or 2) fix it. We chose the fix-it method. First Tom gouged out all the wood that had rotted to reveal the intact wood underneath, and then he applied a wood solution that halts rot in it's tracks while reinforcing the remaining wood. Score. To make the area level with the rest of the subflooring (since it was gouged to get rid of the rotten layer), Tom then applied half a tub of wood putty.

While not the prettiest, the important thing is that we prevented the subflooring  from continuing to rot away unknown underneath the flooring, and further reinforced it.

We also noticed that the bottom part of the drywall was a bit, um, crumbly. Not good right? Tom replaced the bad drywall with some nice sturdy plywood (more on why we went with plywood over drywall later).

And? We were left with a blank slate to work from. Finally.

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  1. Looking good! Does it feel odd to use the shower with no proper floor? Or, well, toliet and sink too I guess ha.

  2. Must feel great to have an almost fresh start! Its looking better already.

  3. Wow! You two are brave!! It's looking better already and I'm sure it will be fabulous when you're done!


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