Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedroom Progress: How To Install Crown Molding

Are you guys ready for an update in here?

If you've been following along you'll remember that we had started our Master Bedroom Remodel when our closet rod tragically snapped in half - prompting a complete closet overhaul (in which we doubled our storage space on the cheap), which in turn lead to the eventual transformation of the entire bedroom (we figured why not, ya know?).

And while this process has taken us a little longer than we would've liked - but then again doesn't every project? - we wanted to take our time with it and do it right. Yes, there were times when we just wanted it done - but we knew that if we rushed versus taking our time on it, we wouldn't be as happy with the outcome.

Enough words! You guys are probably dying (okay, so maybe not exactly dying, but still...) to know what the room looks like, right? (since you already know what we did because of the post title..)

The "Master" Bedroom when we bought the house.

The room originally looked like it needed something. It was sorely lacking. Everytime we were in there we felt like we were in a White Prison Shoebox. With different colors of white. And different sheens. And patches on the walls where the previous owner *coughCHARLIEcough* had patched holes and then painted - without even sanding. It was beyond bad. And the fact that we slept in this depressing and boring White Prison Shoebox everynight for an entire year before finally remodeling it - only because our closet completely died - is just, well, depressing. And yes, I know I used that word twice in the same sentence. But I don't really care, because 2x the same word = emphasis, and it's true: that bedroom was depressingly depressing.

And yes, I just said was.

Thankfully we remodeled the closet and then patched and SANDED the bedroom walls before painting, which got us to this point (with the new closet system we were also able to get rid of a dresser and rearrange the furniture):

Not bad, eh?

Definitely an improvement. But the room itself was still lacking, and needed a little architectural interest. To, you-know, make it a little more Masterful. Or something.

Enter the glorious Crown Molding.

How to Install Crown Molding

Step 1: We measured the room, and figured out how much molding we would need.

Step 2: We selected one that was a nice thickness and not too fancy, because, well, there's not really any crown molding in the rest of the house, and the trim and such throughout is pretty plain. Actually, in the basement there's crown molding on the ceilings - oh wait, no, that's quarter round, my bad...

Step 3: We hauled the 16' sections of the molding home. THAT was an interesting experience. Bonus Tip: the little red flag ties are right inside the wood-section entrance of your home improvement store.

Step 4: If you're smart, you'll have invested in a compound miter saw - or lucked into a good sale on one. We scored ours new for 80$. It was originally 350$. If you don't have a compound miter saw, you'll really wish you did.

Step 5: Measure twice, cut once. Practice on extra scraps, too. We only had to do inside corner cuts (45 degreee angled cuts on the saw), so that helped things, but it was still pretty confusing. Before we made each cut, we double-and-triple checked everything to make sure our measurements were right - and that the trim wasn't upside down.

Step 6: Install the crown molding. This is where an air compressor nail gun contraption comes in handy. It made the work go tons faster - instead of nailing in each little finishing nail by hand with a hammer (and making sure the nail goes in deep enough to patch later), we just hooked this baby up to the outlet - let it pressurize, grab the handle and go - it shoots each nail far enough into the wood so all we have to do is patch and paint later. No hammering for us!

Step 7: Tape off the molding.

Step 8: Caulk is your friend. Make all the little gaps and inconsisties go away, and the tape will protect your existing paint job on the walls.

Step 9: Patch and sand, and then paint. We painted first before we installed the molding, and ended up having to touch up and repaint it again later.

Step 10: Enjoy your new room!


We got new bedding, too... more on that later, though!

Big difference, huh? We love it! It really finishes off the room, and makes the room feel taller, too.

What do you guys think? Are you lucky enough to have a home that is already adorned with beautiful crown molding in it? Do you have odd angles or something (like our living room) that would make it nearly impossible to add crown molding to? Or maybe you're planning to add crown molding to pump up the life in a space? Do tell!

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  1. love the molding and the new bedding!

  2. Your molding looks great! I'm looking forward to the day this gets installed in our house. And before we start on the downstairs flooring project, I think I'll see about investing and/or renting an air compressor nail gun so that we don't have to fret when we're left with nail marks in our quarter round.

    Funny that quarter round was installed in your basement ceiling! I can imagine how goofy that must look. In my local home improvement store, the base molding is directly across the aisle from the crown molding - you'd think that would tip someone off that it doesn't belong near the ceiling!

  3. Love the molding! It's beautiful!

    Your room is looking pretty fab! Can't wait to see more! And I totally love that chair in there, I have been eying those up at Target for awhile.... :)


  4. Nice tute there with some great tips, and the crown molding looks terrific!

    I'm planning new crown and baseboards for the Master bedroom to top off the beadboard paneling I have on the list for in there.

    Is anyone ever DONE?

  5. love it! and definitely glad Tom and I didn't have to do that one when I was there!

  6. beautiful job! your really tempting me with all the talk of CMSs and AC tools.

  7. The crown molding is beautiful and really pulls everything together! Jimmee was a little jealous when he saw Tom's tools... he just has a plastic divider tool that helps you make the 45 degree angle (and it comes with a saw, all for $8!). You guys did a great job!!

  8. The crown molding looks great guys!

  9. The crown really adds to the room

  10. Thanks guys!

    We are still loving our new crown molding very very much - it reallys ups-the-ante on the excitement factor in the room!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. I LOVE your bedroom! And I LOVE the crown molding. Your tutorial is great - I may have to follow it when we get around to adding molding to our house. You guys have a beautiful home!! :)

  12. LOVE your blog! We renovated our old house from top to bottom.... glad it's over! LOL Your moulding looks fab! Enjoy the process and thanks for linking up!

  13. The crown molding makes such a big difference and you did a great job on it! Like the fresh, airy look of your bedroom too.

  14. Love the molding! Your room looks fresh and "masterful"!

    I’m having a new link party “Cheap Thrills Thursday” starting the 29th. It’s for creative ideas that cost under $20. If you have a project you’d like to share, I’d love for you to stop by and join in!

  15. Looks terrific! We've been putting off tackling the crown molding in our master bedroom and office for a while now and working on other projects, but your tutorial will certainly help soon when we finally dig in. Thanks so much!


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