Monday, July 19, 2010

What Color is my Thumb: Results

Are you guys ready? While most of you who took the quiz (before I realized it was giving IE users technical difficulties!) thought that my thumb was black or brown, my thumb is really...


May I present the evidence:

Over here, we have Exhibit A: Plant Homicide.

Or maybe suicide.

As you can see, this plant (it used to be a gerbera daisy of some sort) is pretty much dead-as-a-doornail upon arrival at the scene. While some speculate that it took some serious time and neglect to get this plant into this state, I can confirm that this result occurred no less than 10 days after the plant arrived at the home of the Magruders.

 And over here, we have Exhibit B: Happy Plants, thriving for well over a month.

As you can see, these plants are healthy and happy, and are no-doubt positively ecstatic to have escaped the horror that the gerbera-daisy victims fell prey to.

Alas, no one knows for sure why some victims suffered the way they have, and why others have escaped unscathed. It appears the killer may be attacking at random, and by linking homicides we can gather intel as to who may be next...

No, but really - my thumb is brown. Really brown. Some plants survive (incredibly!), and some die - hard - less than 10 days after we bring them home.

Perhaps we should start calling them "possible-victims"?

What about you guys? What color is your thumb? Do you have gorgeous gardens and you can bring those sad little plants on clearance at Lowe's or Home Depot to life with your magic? Or is your thumb black, and you kill everything you touch - so maybe you resort to faux plants to decorate around your home? Or is your thumb brown like me, and every plant you bring home you wonder if it'll be another victim or another happy baby of mother nature? Let's talk thumbs!

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  1. Awwww, poor gerbera! But on the up side, your porch looks nice and verdant.

    I'd say my thumb is a very, very pale green. I have dozens of orchids thriving, but I kill cilantro every time. I routinely apologize to plants while we're in the check out lane. I love to garden, I'm just dicey with the results.

  2. I too have a brown thumb. I have managed to kill numerous Aloe's - apparently the easiest plant to grow. But I somehow manage to sprout a pineapple plant from the leafy top. The brown thumb really does strike at random.

    Also, I know not to attempt to bring back to life those clearance plants at Lowes. What always happens to me is I will buy a perinneal plant and it will make it well past the year mark (you know, where they will take them back and give you a refund), they get to the 2 year mark and die a tragic death. I really don't know what is going on with those dumb plants.

  3. Black. Brown... wait...still black.

    I somehow manage to kill every green thing that crosses my path. Even basil, which I was told was nearly impossible. All I needed to do was give it plenty of sunglight and water, and it was supposed to thrive. Instead, after planting three different types, the one that struggled the most at first is now the only one still alive. You can see the planticide photos here.

    It's not all bad, I suppose. Right now, I'm actually trying to kill off a few things in our backyard, so hopefully our bamboo and ivy will be gone in no time. It's no match for a serial killer like me!

  4. Do ya'll have water there? I'm jus' sayin'..... lol

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only brown thumb around! Sometimes it's hit-or-miss for me. I have a bamboo plant that's lived with me for 4 years so far. And incredibly, it's still alive.

    Whereas the gerbera daisies... not so much. They didn't make it to day 11!

    @Sunny - Aw, thanks! I do well with bamboo, not so much orchids... or gerbera daisies, either, apparently. :)

    @Ginnie - I agree - the brown thumb does strike at random! I've never touched the clearance plants at Lowe's, either - I feel bad for them, but I don't want to just inflict further torture on them, so I leave them for those green-thumb people out there to revive. I like the think the plants all breathe a sigh of relief once I walk away! :)

    @Sarah - Haha, yes, I remember reading about your basil endeavors! Have you tried bamboo? You might have better luck with that one (I always do!)...

    @Nese - Hey now! I TOTALLY watered that thing! ... when I remembered to, that is. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, guys!



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