Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goodbye Nasty Wood! Painting the Office

Where we last left off in our Home Office Remodel, we told you about all the paint prepping we did to the room, (which took quite awhile!).

After the room was all prepped and ready to go, Tom gave the ceiling a fresh coat of paint while I started cutting in with our best pal, Kilz Oil-Based Primer. Seriously, this stuff is awesome.

Since we were painting all the trim, baseboards, and wood paneling, those areas all got a good layer of the Oil-Based Primer, which should help block any wood stains and help the paint stick really well to those areas. Tom began the oh-so-fun task of rolling the thick oil-based primer stuff onto the uneven and extremely rough wood paneling...

Goodbye ugly rough wood paneling! We won't be missing you.

After a layer of the primer was up, we grabbed our white paint (Valspar's Ultra White) and went to town on the trim and paneling again. Things were looking pretty good...

until we noticed some nasty wood stains coming through the paint. Doh!

That stumped us for a bit. After a lot of thought, we decided to use the color that I had picked for the walls (I love Lowe's Oops paint!) on the paneling, and head out to Lowe's to grab a gallon of a lighter shade of that same color for the walls.

The thought process was that we needed to show off that pretty cool (now that it was painted) wood paneling, and not make it blend in or hide. We think woodwork is cool! So why try to hide it? Throughout the rest of our house we've made a point to highlight and draw attention to all the woodwork by painting it white, and we wanted to highlight the wood in the office, too.

So we taped off the windows and baseboards, and on the new color went! We consider it "greige", since it's in between beige and grey. Or maybe a warm grey. Whichever, we love the color!

Then we pulled off the tape while the paint was still wet (just look at those crisp lines!), and we were wowed.

Stay tuned for the full reveal tomorrow!
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  1. What an awesome change the paint makes! Love the "greige" color.

  2. Looking good,guys! Love your neutral "greige" walls and can't wait to see the finished results. Any art yal put up will look great against the new color!

  3. Lookin' good! I like the idea of not trying to hide the wood completely - it adds a neat texture to the walls! I'm digging the greige.

    Speaking of painting, if you need any more painter's tape, stop by and enter my giveaway! RIght now the odds of winning are pretty good :)

  4. The color is fabulous! Can't wait to see the reveal!!

  5. It's already such an improvement! I love the color and can't wait to see the whole room come together. All that work is paying off!!


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