Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Next Big Project: Switching Up our Priorities

I know I said that creating the nursery would be our next big project, but... well, I lied.

The nursery will be our second big project coming up.

And instead, our next big project is remodeling the Main Bathroom!

Why the priority shift? While it's true that we have a little baby boy on the way and we do need to create a cozy nursery for him, our time commitments made us change our remodeling plans. Tom happened to have a whole week off for his Summer Break, which nicely coincided with the 4th of July and a couple days of vacation time for me.

While the nursery is still a high priority for us, we realized that the updates in there would be minimal and could easily be done in a few weekends without inconveniencing our everyday lives. Meanwhile, remodeling the bathroom was something that would take much more time and energy and would require that we do some serious work, and would greatly change up and inconvenience us, so it only made sense to take advantage of our break and time off to put our efforts into the bathroom first.

So, here's a little more info on this much-used and abused-over-the-years bathroom of ours:

The Main Bathroom is the only full bathroom in our house, and the only bathroom on the main level (the guest powder room is in the basement). The main bath is just off the hallway where all the bedrooms meet (click here to see our house's layout), and so far we've barely touched it since we were handed the keys over 2 years ago.



As you can see, our only real updates have been: replacing the padded toilet seat with a normal one, replacing an ugly knob on the cabinet door, re-caulking the tub, and adding shelves and decor. Amazingly, we never even touched that ugly old vanity light up there. Gross, I know. We pretty much kept updates in here to a minimum and only updated it enough to make it liveable for us while we tackled the rest of the house since we knew that one day we'd be remodeling this space, anyways.

And? That time has come.

Stay tuned for one wild ride!

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  1. I had to do a double take on the first and second pictures because the lighting is so much better in the second that the room really LOOKS completely made over. What do you think about the wall tile in the back of the toilet/sink? I actually think that doesn't look too bad at all (although the picture could be lying - it could also look cheap). When I first thought you had added it (again - had to do a double take on the second pic) I thought "This looks kinda retro-chic."

    Ideas... We are going to be tackling a master and second bath in the next 12 months.

  2. hahaha on the padded toilet seat. UPGRADE! Can't wait to see what else you do!

  3. That's certainly not the worst room you were up against, so it belonged on the back burner (padded toilet seat? Did you buy that house from my grandparents?). This should be an interesting project!

  4. Fred -

    Isn't it amazing what some decorations and lighting can do for a room? :) The tile actually wasn't too bad, and I debated for a very long time about whether to rip it out or keep it. Unfortunately, the deciding factor was the grout - it was in horrible condition. Thanks to years of not being cared for, it was discolored, cracked, and even missing in places. In the end, we've decided to replace it with something that flows better with the rest of the house and is easier to maintain. Stay tuned. :)



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