Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Nursery

Or... well, the future nursery.

Some of you have been asking, and this weekend I finally got it cleared out enough to actually tell what sort of room it is at the moment.

First, I'll share what the room looked like 2 years ago when we were handed the keys:

Small and boring, right?

So we spiced it up and turned it into a studio/craft room/extra guest room/Mel's room... but mostly it was just a storage room. Yikes.

Please excuse the bad lighting...

Well, now that we've installed a new closet system into the guest bedroom closet, I was able to finally take advantage of all that wonderous storage space and clean out the bedroom a bit.

Much better, right?

Yeah, we thought so, too.

We've got a long ways to go in here - and we're excited! (I find it's always good to actually be excited about a project before tackling it headfirst - it's much more fun and wayyy less painful that way!)

First up - selling the couch. If you live near Omaha, Nebraska and are interested in our near-perfect condition red leather couch/sleeper with storage space underneath, just contact me and I'll let you know when the Craigslist ad goes up.

In other news... we've already purchased a big piece of furniture for the nursery. Any guesses as to what it is? (and no cheating if you already know!)

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  1. Wow that room already looks so much better than when you guys bought the house! It looks like the perfect room for a nursery, and I can't wait to see your ideas. I'm guessing you bought a crib...

  2. I'm gonna go with...dresser?? With crib as my back-up answer. : )

    The room looks great now! I wish I could keep our whole house looking perfect/usable all the time but it's just not possible. Our guest room is our catch-all-crap room.


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