Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Scored

Remember last week when we showed you the future nursery space and told you we'd already gotten one piece of furniture?

Our first official purchase was a steal we found on Craigslist: an upholstered glider.

We'd been perusing the local furniture stores and I'd been searching high and low online for the perfect (to me, anyways) glider. See, while the majority of the regular gliders are just as good functionality-wise as upholstered gliders, I wasn't very taken by the looks of them - all that exposed wood and such just didn't appeal to me. I wanted a chair that looked like a normal upholstered chair, and preferably one that we could use elsewhere in the house once it was no longer needed for the nurseries (yep, there is more than one kiddo in our future).

The only catch? All the upholstered gliders I'd found were usually around $450+, with most around $550. Boo.

While they were super-nice, they were also super-expensive, and we just couldn't justify dropping around $500 on a glider.

So I started perusing our next go-to when we can't find/afford what we find, and lookie what I found on Craigslist:

A 1-year old glider and swivel chair that was only used for a few months and was practically brand-new. The owners had bought a pair of them and used them for a month or two before they decided to remodel, and after the remodel was done they realized that the chairs didn't work in there anymore. Which, for us, worked out sa-weet. And for them, too - because we took one of those babies right off their hands.

I was a little weary of the pattern (it was hard to tell what it was on Craigslist), but once I saw it in person I was sold. It's a modern brown-tan-blue pattern, which wasn't my white-only preference, but I'm perfectly happy with. And it will go fabulously in our little boys' nursery! Not to mention the chair is incredibly comfy. Seriously the most comfy chair in the house - which is probably a good thing, considering the amount of time I'll be spending in it!

So for just $150 smackaroos - about the same price, if not less, than what a regular glider costs - we got our nice upholstered swivel glider, and it even came factory stain-guarded. Score.

Anyone else score any sweet finds on Craigslist lately?

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  1. Nice find! I never seem to hit craigslist at the right time, but I always see amazing things that other people find on there. That chair will be perfect for the nursery.

  2. Girl, that just MAY work with an IKEA TULSA slipcover! Sweet find, and a really comfortable chair is so important!

  3. Great steal!! We used one of those cheapie gliders and it is now squeaky with a loose arm! :)

  4. Life in Rehab -

    I was wondering the same thing! If only there were an Ikea in this Ikea-less state... :(



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