Thursday, April 21, 2011

What the... What IS That?!

Since I was busy mastering the art of doing nothing this past weekend, I don't have any fancy craft or home improvement progress to share with you today.

So, instead, I'm going to attempt to entertain you for a minute with something we found while I was busy sticking and admiring yesterday's removable magnetic house numbers project.

We were standing on our porch while admiring our new house numbers on our front door, when we spied something on top of our big boxy hedge bushes:

Eeeeck! It's a snakeskin!

Weird, huh? I guess some snake was just chillin' out on top of our hedges when he decided it was time for a fresh look and shed off his old skin. It's not that uncommon... we've just never spied one on top of our hedge before. We think it's cool, but it just totally took us off guard!

Have you ever stumbled across something really odd in nature before? Are you a fan or not a fan of snakes? Ever been surprised by one?
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  1. We had a huge black rat snake in our driveway a couple years ago. No matter what Randy told me about them being useful, I was pretty freaked out. We think it was sick because it definitely wasn't acting normal and wouldn't leave. After it coiled up under our roommate's car in the garage, the guys ended up killing it to avoid any surprises in the car or house later (kind of sad, but it definitely helped me sleep better that night).

    We just saw one that looked exactly like it chilling in the woods last weekend while we were taking engagement pics in Branson. We didn't mess with that one since we were the ones invading his home this time around.

  2. Ha ha, I had to come say hi, and let you know I walked in my garage a week ago, and found my cat playing with a baby snake, lol. I kinda freaked, but then quickly grabbed my camera, took a few pics, and then let it go back in the woods.

    Hope you are well, and relaxed after a weekend of chilling, he he.

    You can see my snake story HERE
    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Bella :)**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After
    Bella :)

  3. @Jennifer - How creepy! I don't mind snakes that much, either, but I think I would sleep better after knowing that it wouldn't surprise me one day when I went out to the car, especially if it wouldn't leave! That's when snakes become "pests" in my book.

    @Bella - Kudos to you for letting that snake live! Hopefully it learned it's lesson and will give and your kitty some space now. ;)



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