Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easy Non-Permanent House Numbers

Guess what?

No, no - not a chicken butt!

I actually did a fun "craft" the other day! Shocking, right?! A craft!

Okay, okay, so it's not really a "craft" like you're thinking of...

More along the lines of a "crafty home-improvement project". But it DID involve glue - so hey, that's a craft in my book!

So get this: 95% of the exterior-ness of our house is magnetic. Whhaaat? Weird, right? Check it out:

Everything on our house - the garage door, the gutters, the window trim, the siding, AND the front door - are all magnetic. Essentially everything except the roof and 4 plastic fake shutters.

So besides living inside a magnetic-metal house (I hope this isn't screwing with our brains or something!), I've come to realize all the SWEET and AWESOME possibilities that our magnetic house has!

Like sticking a huge "Huskers" magnet to our garage door for 10 months. Yes, we are THOSE people. Hey, the whole town goes crazy during football season... it's only considered mildly weird if you forget to take down your team's colors once the season ends. Ooops.

So anyways, our door is always sorta plain and not very interesting. And yes, we still have to paint it. Or leave it white. I can't decide.

Anyhow, it needed a little sprucing up. So, like a year ago I was at Lowe's (yes really - it was actually a whole year ago!), and I spied these awesome silver numbers that you're supposed to stick to your mailbox or something. And I had an idea! It was brilliant, I tell you!

I would stick some magnets to the other side of the numbers and stick them to the door! That way we can paint the door down the road, or if we want to hang up a Christmas wreath (one that doesn't melt, preferably), we can just move the numbers or remove them altogether!

It was a beautiful idea, right?

Well, let's just say that my first attempt was a major FAIL. I used some printable magnet sheets and attached them to the backs of the numbers and stuck them on the door...

Where they promptly fell off. Drat.

So then they sat around for about 10 months while we did other things and I forgot about them....

Until I was picking up some stuff at Hobby Lobby the other day and spied a roll of thick craft magnets! It was perfect!

And with a little super glue - NOTE: if you have a steel door AND a storm door, DON'T use hot glue! (because this will happen) - anyways, a little superglue and bada-bing! They were done!

Nice, right?

It seriously took me all of 10 minutes.

And here's a quick before and after...

Isn't it funny how sometimes the easiest and simplest projects or chores take forever to do?

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  1. I hear you about the delayed simple projects. I think I've got 3 or 4 in the bathrooms alone. If only I could get off my lazy butt after a full day's work!

  2. buh-rilliant. We have new siding so I'm all ready to drill holes in it and my husband cringes at the thought. Thanks, maybe freecyclers and friends can find our house, haha!


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