Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tour

A little birdie told me that you guys were itchin' to check out our holiday decorations, and I would've obliged earlier if we were done decorating. And guess what? We finally finished!

The upstairs was done up in a pretty traditional Christmas fashion...

(Apparently I still have to take the sticker off the boot tray - so just ignore that!)

And at night....

Can you guess who each stocking belongs to?

We received this ornament as a gift from Tom's grandparents last year... how cool, huh?

(we've blurred it a bit in photoshop since it has our address on it)

So those are our "fancy" decorations upstairs. Downstairs in the basement we set up our little $25 6' pre-lit tree we scored at Dollar General in college. This is our "fun" tree!

Do the ornaments look familiar?

They're our DIY photo ornaments! Besides doing double-duty as ornaments or tags, they cost us nothing to make (since we had all the supplies on hand), and are a cute way to inject a little holiday joy into any space. We put them on our tree, but we think they would be cute as tags for gifts, or even to represent each person's stocking. Go here to download the templates and see how to make your own!

We put photos from our wedding in ours...

As well as the newest member of our family...

And of course some photos from our honeymoon...

And we couldn't forget the memories of our latest ongoing adventure:


Hey - there's a reason this is called the "fun" tree!

Moving forward, we'd love to continue to make little photo ornaments for this tree each year of the special moments in our lives, so that eventually the tree will come to represent a sort of photo album that we can relive and remember each year we take them out of storage. Perhaps we'll only add one annually each year and write a date on it. Either way, we'd love to use this tree to document our little family and our adventures, so we don't forget all that we've done and accomplished and experienced. Perhaps we'll even turn it into a fun annual holiday tradition that we'll carry on year after year.

Is there any sort of holiday traditions you have? Have you gotten around to putting up your own holiday decor yet?

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  1. Of EVERYTHING, the rodent stocking is my total fav, with the gas mask ornament running a hot and close second! It all looks really fresh and light, nicely done indeed!

  2. Ahem! And just where is Mel on the fun tree??!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @Sunny - Haha! It's actually a deranged reindeer, but it's sorta hard to tell in the photos...

    @Debbie - Ummmm.... he's going to get put up there... eventually. ;)


  4. Aw, love the memory tree! Your fireplace is stunning, by the way.

  5. It all looks really beautiful! That has really got to put you in the Christmas spirit! :) Your home reminds me so much of mine... your dark floors, light walls, dark fireplace, white curtains with bamboo shades.

  6. How cute! Love your decorations. Having the lights on just makes them that much more fun, huh? I LOVE your idea of using photos as tree ornaments! I will totally be copying that idea! ;)

  7. I totally love your idea of a photo memory tree. We have a couple of fun trees too. Need to get working on the post for all that. Your house looks so festive and warm!!
    That personalized ornament is so cool!

  8. The fabric on your kitchen table chairs - where did you get it?

    Christmas decorations look great! I'm enjoying being snowed in with my boys today!

  9. The tree on your main floor is gorgeous, especially when its lit up! I also love the idea that you have a "fun" tree in your basement. I hope to have one of those someday when our basement gets finished!

    Also love that table centerpiece and the wreath on your mirror. I'm also jealous that you have a fireplace mantel to decorate! :) I've just about got all of our decorations up, but I haven't posted about them yet.

  10. Luv the santa.. He luks super-cool..... And the photo ornaments are such a great idea...

  11. Your home looks lovely and the house just has so much charm. I love it all. You've done a lovely job.

  12. I love the rodent stocking- where on earth did you find that?


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