Friday, December 3, 2010

Freebie Friday: Pottery Barn Inspired Photo Ornaments

Happy Friday!

Who doesn't love Friday? Especially when you get something for free? Freebie Fridays is a series on This Fresh Fossil in which I unleash a bit of my extra-creativity: for you. I'm a professional graphic designer who loves to design and wants to help you organize your life, have fun with your hobby, connect with friends and decorate your digs, by giving you a free design every Friday. Whether it's in the form of labels for organizing, cool artwork that you can print and frame, printable greeting cards, photographs, patterns, scrapbooking art, or more - every Friday there will be a custom free design for you.

Who hasn't been inspired by Pottery Barn? Really. Their stuff is to die for. I love how they personalize just about everything with monograms and photographs. And while these ornaments I love aren't too pricey - on sale for $6 - if I wanted to decorate a whole tree with them (which, of course, I do) it would cost me more than a pretty penny.

So what's a girl on a budget to do?

These babies cost me $0. The photos are removable (so you can change them out year-to-year), and you can write right on the "frames". They're also super-light and flat, making easy storage a breeze (just grab an old folder and they're good to go until next year). Missing that something special on a gift for your grandparents? Write a cute message on one of these and tie it to the package - they'll love it!

How to Make Photo Ornaments

Cardstock paper (& a printer)
Photos/photo paper
Adjustable 3-hole punch or single hole-punch
Xacto knife with ruler and something to cut on (can be a kitchen cutting board, too)
Ribbon (or something stringy)

1) First, download the PDF file by clicking on the image or the link below it and saving the file to your computer (File>Download Original).

2) Print out the file onto cardstock paper (File>Print>Page Scaling>None).

3) Cut out the squares, and use an xacto knife (or something similar) to make the diagonal slit cuts in the design.

4) Print out your photos using the Windows Print option, and make sure to select "Wallet Sized" photo sizes (it should give you 9 photos per page).

5) Cut out your photos and then tuck the corners into the slits you made in the cardstock designs.

6) Punch a hole in the middle of the top - I adjusted a 3-hole punch so it would fit, but a one-hole punch would work, as well (or any other wacky shapes, I'm sure), and then string a piece of ribbon through it (hold the end tips over a candle flame to seal them and keep them from fraying).

7) Tie your new ornament(s) on your tree!

You can personalize them however you want! And you won't have to feel guilty about ruining them if you do (not that I've done that already... ) because they're cheap and easy.

We think they'd be super-cute with some writing underneath the photo, to commemorate the date or memory.

(let's just pretend I didn't get our wedding year wrong, mkay?)

These would also make great tags for gifts - instead of placing a photo into the frame, just insert a similarly-sized piece of paper.


Have you used one of our Freebies for anything? Take a photo and send it in - I'd love to see what creative things you've done with my designs! You might even be featured in a future Freebie Friday post!

Have a fantastic weekend and happy Friday!

(Oh, and while all my work is custom, if you'd like something more personalized, like a blog header, logo, photo manipulation, etc, please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and custom pricing. Thanks!)

Disclaimer: As far as I am aware, this file does not contain any viruses, however, you download at your own risk. By downloading this file, you are agreeing to the terms of use. This file is for personal use only - any profit and any editing of the digital file or any elements within is prohibited. You are free to use the design any way you like once the design is printed. Also, the design is my work - please be respectful of copyright laws. Thank you!

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  1. Very cute! Nice looking professional models you hired for the photo too. So when do we get to see the Fossil Tree?

  2. ADORABLE!! I shared on my FB page!! These are just too cute!!

  3. Cute idea! I like how the corners are tucked into the slit, makes it look more decorative that way. I also like how they could pull double-duty as gift tags! I'm always looking for DIY gift tag ideas.

    Thanks for the freebie!

  4. Just perfect for the holidays ! And free is always a bonus

  5. I love these Chelsea! I like using(and receiving) gift tags that can go right up on the tree as ornaments. Double duty!!

  6. Thanks, guys! Glad you like them!

    @Sunny - First I have to finish decorating the tree before I can show you anything! ;)

    @Jess - Thanks for sharing this on FB!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


  7. I really like these, and the way you attached them with the ribbon is so pretty! I love the idea to use them as gift tags too, and I think it would be fun to use the photo of the recipient. Thanks for providing the templates too.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the party!

  8. visitng from newlywoodwards!

    love, love, love the picture frame idea!!

  9. super-cute idea! (and beautiful wedding picture!)

  10. These look really great. Very fun idea to personalize the tree. Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY.


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