Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Surprise

Don't you love it when somebody does something unexpected? I sure do, especially when I'm not functioning at 100% capacity.

I've been sick all week so far with a nasty cold, which has pretty much put me in a constant state of sneezing, sniffling, nose dripping, throat hurting, coughing, feverish-ness. Not very pretty. Add to that working full time (unfortunately I don't have the luxury of having sick days at work, unless I want to use vacay time = no sick days for me, because I <3 vacations!). I feel like a walking, sneezing zombie (can you tell I'm reading a Stephen King book?).

Anyways, after work earlier this week Tom surprised me with a lovely get-well package. It was Nyquil and Dayquil, Breyers' Cookie Dough ice cream, and some pretty fresh flowers.

They fit in well with the rest of our Spring and Easter decorations, and did a wonderful job of cheering me up.

What a sweet surprise.


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