Friday, March 5, 2010

Kitchen Update

Okay, so as you know our kitchen is only partially done. As a recap, we've:

- Installed new flooring
- Installed new appliances
Removed the soffits
- Drywalled
- Converted an electrical outlet to a light fixture
Painted the walls and ceiling
- Painted the cabinets
- Installed a pendant light
- Installed over-the-range microwave

Are you more of a visual person? Then let me show you the before and after photos, for your visual pleasure.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen Now:

A big change, right? That's a huge list with tons of projects we've tackled so far in this room, but there's still quite a few things left to do:

- Install molding across the tops of the cabinets
- Build a wine rack
- Build an open cabinet
- Install baseboards and quarter round
- Build new countertops
- Install new sink and faucet
- Install new backsplash

Whew! That's alot of projects to tackle in the near future, and no worries - we'll tell you all about our adventures, triumphs and mishaps along the way.

In the past we've noticed that we have a way of starting with the most difficult projects first (like our Basement Remodel, where we had an asbestos mishap), so it only goes to show that of course the first project we'll be tackling on our To-Do List is probably going to be the most difficult: the countertops. What can I say, I guess that's just our style.

So stay tuned, because we will begin Operation: Kitchen Countertop within the next couple of weeks (during Tom's Spring Break, no less!). We will be doing a granite tiled countertop (more on those details later), and while I've done a bit of tiling before, Tom never has, and neither of us has ever taken on something as big as creating and tiling our own granite countertops. Yup, we're pretty much complete amateurs when it comes to this, but we're pretty good at the whole learning-as-we-go thing (gotta love online tutorials).

Bring on the learning curve!


  1. I can't wait to see how your counters turn out, that is something I have been dreaming of doing for quite awhile and it might be just the push I need! No pressure or anything! ;-)

  2. you guys are brave to tackle so many tough projects you haven't done before! can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I will follow this countertop project with great curiosity. Good luck!

  4. It looks so much better already! I can only imagine when everything is all done!!

  5. love the kitchen reno so far!! Very inspiring.
    Could you post some of your "favorite" or "most-helpful" online tutorials?? My husband and I both search online for home DIY help, but sometimes it seems like the amount of info out there is intimidating!! Any sites that are tried and true for you would help! Thanks.


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