Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Baby

One year ago on February 14th, for our first Valentine's Day as newlyweds, we headed off to the local Humane Shelter to play with some puppies, and fell in love (who didn't see that one coming, eh?).

The next day, we brought home our then 10-month old furry son.

The shelter told us that he was an Australian Cattle Dog.

We're pretty positive that they were completely wrong.

After much research and almost a year of training, loving, discliplining, laughing, cuddling, and enjoying each other's company, we've come to believe that he is a Jack Rat Terrier; a mix between a Jack Russel Terrier and a Rat Terrier. 

Of course, we will never know if our best guess is correct, because he didn't come with any sort of pedigree or papers.

Not that it matters much to us, anyways.

He is the comedian of our family, always running around and constantly making us laugh. Whether it's chasing his tail, getting excited when the doorbell rings (or even the phone), attempting to consume anything and everything (yes, he has honestly eaten Tom's medical school homework - add that to the long list of things he's eaten: carpet padding, tile grout, drywall, sawdust, clothing, socks...), we love him to death, and now could never imagine our lives without him.

He is our baby. And yes, we do tuck him in at night.

Is there a furry member of your family? Do you spoil them and pamper them as much as we do ours? Surely we aren't the only ones who do things like tuck our pets in at night!... or are we?


  1. I'm a farm girl and have had many animals in my life - cats, dogs, cattle, burros, ducks, chickens, rabbits, fish, and even raccoons who were abandoned! I've found that the pets we had inside the house I grew closest with. First, my cat Star who died a little over a year ago. She was and always will be my Baby Girl. I miss her so much! The Scottish Terrier my parents have now in the house is my current baby. I miss him so much when I am up at school away from him!

    Here's evidence that you aren't the only one who spoils your pet rotten: Stewart has surgery in January while I was home on his ear. He was on some pretty serious meds and was very tired and helpless. I felt so bad leaving him in the living room all night (where he usually sleeps) so I slept on the couch with him a couple nights in a row to be with him and to make sure he wasn't scratching his wounded ear. Now that's love - I got horrible sleep but was so happy he didn't have to be alone!

  2. Wow, Sarah - you've had quite a few interesting pets (what are burros?). I understand about being away from your pets while at school - I missed my parents' Golden Retriever so much while I was gone at college (and actually I still miss her).

    Aw, now that is true love and pampering - I'm sure Stewart appreciated your love and support. Sometimes I think animals really know when you're trying to help them, even if they don't quite understand.

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  3. Cute dog. He must have a good digestive system. :-)

  4. Thanks, and yes - he does, haha. :)

  5. What a cutie! I agree with you on the breed, too.

    (By the way, I wrote about a very similar thing today!)



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