Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Part VIII

No worries, this here's one of the funnest parts of this whole remodel business. While we were at Lowe's getting our microwave shelf cut last Saturday, we strolled by the pendant light area - and immediately snatched up the perfect pendant for hanging over our sink (it was on sale, too!). Considering all the electrical work was in place (since we converted a plug outlet into the perfect pendant light structure), it was ready and waiting for the final touch.

Since we spent all day last Saturday installing our microwave, we got to the pendant light installation the following morning.

First, Tom installed a dimmer switch for the ultimate kitchen ambiance (it extends light bulb life, too).

Then it was a simple process of following the pendant box installation instructions.

After a painless 20 minutes (including installing the dimmer switch), we were busy doing the happy dance around the kitchen and basking in the glow of our new pendant light!

Ahh, I wish all home improvements were this easy... but then it wouldn't be nearly as exciting, would it? :)


  1. Cute light! It does add "ambulance",
    doesn't it? =)
    Everything is really coming along now. Once the yucky work, mudding,sanding, spackling and all, was done with, the fun stuff finally began. You guys are really doing a good job, and the blog is totally addictive! LOL
    Mom C.

  2. Forgot to mention the SNOW!!!!!!!! in the kitchen window! Holey Moley! That's alot of white stuff! Send some this way, k? LOL
    Mom C.

  3. Yeah - it looks great! It really provides alot of extra light in the kitchen, and is really the focal point of the whole kitchen now. We love it! (and to think at one time it was an outlet in the ceiling.. lol)

    Oh yeah, that's our snow level right now. Well, actually, that was after a few inches melted... but of course last night it snowed again, lol. And what are you talking about, send some your way?! I already did - remember? Not too long ago it snowed in Orlando... ;)


  4. Great choice on the pendant light!

    I just love kitchen makeovers.

  5. I know you posted this soooo long ago, but I wanted to tell you that i LOVE that pendant light, and was wondering where you got it?

    ps- your kitchen is beautiful!


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