Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Part VI

It's time for the latest update on our current project. Part 6. Sheesh, who knew there would be so many parts to our remodel? And we're only maybe halfway there!

We last left off with the final coat of paint on the ceiling and walls in our humble little kitchen and dining area, and I've got to say that after that final coat of paint everything looks great - all the little bumps and irregularities that come with having old walls seemed to disappear, and we did a pretty good job of smoothing over the buildup of old paint (around where the soffits used to be). Yup, we figure a fresh coat of paint can spruce just about anything up!

Over the past week, in between family time, study time (Tom had his final med school exam), and frenzied Christmas shopping sprees (why in the world did we wait so long to do our Christmas shopping?!), the kitchen progress slowed to a measly crawl. Usually I'm pretty motivated to do home improvement willingly and eagerly, but not this time around! I had to have a serious talk with myself to get around to finishing up this part of the remodel - I'm not sure if it was the no-sunlight-and-cold-for-days, the Christmas season (and frenzied shopping) or just plain laziness - but this part was a chore. Finally, I forced myself to finish this step by dreaming and thinking of how nice it would be to cook in our kitchen once again (we currently have a pseudo-kitchen setup in our living room).

So, two coats of primer and one final coat of paint later, and our kitchen now looks like this:

Okay, so it's not much, but it is certainly more bright and cheery - and best of all (at this point!) we can put our dishes back in our cabinets and cook in our oven again! Hooray! :)

The next step of our remodel will be to slap some paint on the doors, and then we will install them and install new hinges and hardware to further update the look. Then our next steps will be to create and install a granite tiled countertop, along with a tiled backsplash and then we will proceed to the fun stuff - picking out and installing a pendant light over the sink! Stay tuned.

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  1. Your home is going great guys!! Too funny about the linen closet/bathroom! Who would of thought????

    Aunt Nese


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