Friday, December 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Part V

We last left off with one lovely coat of primer on the newly-drywalled and soffitless ceilings, and on the walls in the Kitchen and Dining Area (I refer to it as a Dining Area because it's not really a Dining Room...). So now this space was ready for it's final coat of paint!

We went with paint color Desert Storm by Valspar, which is a creamy, taupe neutral color - it looks like a khaki color, really. But anyways, I was inspired by one kitchen I saw on's Rate My Space website, and so we ended up using the same paint on both the ceiling and walls. The paint color is light enough that the space doesn't seem smaller - in fact, I think extending the paint color onto the ceiling makes the space feel and seem much larger than it actually is. All in all, we are both extremely pleased with the color and the way the space turned out (sometimes it's hard to imagine when there's different colors and drywall patches everywhere!).

The first photo (of the dining area) shows the paint's true colors better than the second one.
Next up: painting the cabinets! Stay tuned.


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