Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kitchen Remodel - Part III

This part of our kitchen remodel actually focuses on the electrical aspects of it.

First, when we first moved into our house there was a fan in the dining area (we learned why it was a fan later...). The only problem was, the fan was wayyyy off center - not near the dining table at all! Since we wanted to install a chandelier over the table, this was a problem. Thankfully, my parents were in town, and my dad is pretty handy when it comes to electrical know-how, so Tom got a spiffy lesson in electric work AND moved the electrical box from awkward to spot-on over the dining table! Nice job, guys! (Please excuse the mess)

Tom put his new found knowledge to the test a while later when we had to deal with an electrical outlet that was located inside the soffit (boxy thing above cabinets next to ceiling), and directly above the sink. See below (and yes, it would swing there in the breeze!):

After checking that indeed the outlet was live (aka, worked), we decided to convert it to a light switch. We ran some electrical wire through the ceiling/attic (we didn't want to go up there so we ended up playing a fun game of fishing) and ran the wire over to the left side of the window and down the wall, where Tom installed a light switch. All this was done pretty painlessly and easily, and we didn't even have to google anything for tutorials! I had to hand it to him, it was pretty dang impressive.

See our new electrical work:

Let there be light!

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  1. Just when I think I can't get any more impressed, you guys go and do it again! And electrical stuff is nothing to sneeze at, so my hat is off to the both of you.
    Good job, and looks great. Makes so much more sense than the mystery outlet.


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