Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Decorations

I had a few minutes the other day to snap a few photos of the holiday decor currently displayed around the house.

Here's a pretty wreath that I snagged at Target the other day, after realizing that the wreaths we currently had wouldn't fit with the new storm door. So, I bought the thinnest wreath I could find!

For the winter, I bring out lots of accessories that all have a warm red theme, and the Christmas decor is no exception.

Our Christmas tree this year is set up in the basement, since the upstairs is undergoing major construction. It's a bit hard to tell in this photo, but the tree's colors are red and gold.

And a very fallish/wintery centerpiece thrown together.

That's it for now! I'm sure I'll be adding more pics of the holiday decorations later once I get some more time to snap a few photos.

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  1. The reds are a nice touch, and as you continue with the nuetrals throughout your home, will look stunning and really pop! in every room. I like how you photograph angles with closeups of the bulbs and berries. Very professional!
    When you are done with This Fresh Fossil, could you come and do our house? =)


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