Friday, October 12, 2012

Nursery: Final Reveal

There were a few projects left in the old house that we did before we put the house on the market, and so I'm sharing these with you before sharing all that good stuff about selling, staging, moving, buying the new house, etc etc. Enjoy!

So, I know that I've been sharing bits and pieces of what we've been doing in the nursery, and all the projects we've done in there, but this is the first time the nursery is actually DONE. Completely finished! Seriously guys, it's amazing (mostly because no room in our house is ever actually considered "finished"!). And just in time for us to move - haha! Oh, the irony. But that's okay - because it's about the journey rather than the destination, right?

The room would look better without the mobile attached to the crib, but Connor really enjoys it, so it's staying right where it is for now.

We put a picture up above the changing table, but never got around to photographing it. Bad blogger, bad blogger...

To increase storage space in the tiny nursery, we installed some hooks to hang up slings, wet bags and diaper bags behind the door. It worked very well! You didn't even notice they were there unless you shut the door (which we didn't do very often). You can also see the large wet bag hanging on the doorhandle that we use for cloth diapers (yep, we jumped on that bandwagon!).

And now let's take a quick peek as to what the room looked like before we turned it into a nursery for the little man, back when it was my studio...

And wayyyyy back, to what it looked like when we bought the house...

And now:

It's sure come a long way!
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  1. It turned out really cute! It must have been hard to leave it but exciting to do a new one for him in a new house!! You really transformed that room! Kids rooms are always high on my list of favorites!

  2. I love how your nursery looks! Your little boy and I share a birthday!

  3. It all turned out so lovely! Better late than never for sure :)


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