Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nursery Art: DIY Birth Poster

There were a few projects left in the old house that we did before we put the house on the market, and so I'm sharing these with you before sharing all that good stuff about selling, staging, moving, buying the new house, etc etc. Enjoy!

Way back before the little guy was even born, I knew that I wanted a fun little graphic poster announcing his full name, birthdate and weight. And, being a graphic designer, I whipped one up in Adobe Illustrator one day, printed it, and framed it.

Project toughness scale: Easy! Anyone can create a fun little poster in any word processor - just type the info, select a font, and play with colors until you get it right. If you're short a kiddo or two, you can even frame it and give it as a gift.

It certainly adds another little personal touch to his nursery, and really brightens up his floating shelves. Orange and blue is such a fun color combination!

Have you been having fun creating some cheapo wall art or gifts lately? Or maybe just having fun with your word processor? There is no shame!

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