Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Easter

I hope you had as wonderful an Easter as we did!

As you saw, we dressed up somebody in a little Easter outfit (that said "somebunny loves me" - what? I couldn't resist, haha!), and we decked him out in some ears and plopped him in a basket and some grass to snap some pics (one of which we decided to make into a kind of Easter photocard).

Let's just say that the Con-man was totally digging the eggs and grass during our little photoshoot...

The Easter Bunny left him with a white little bunny rattle, a teether giraffe and a sweet jumparoo plaything! Thanks to all the grandparents for coordinating with the big bunny himself for Connors gifts.

The day pretty much consisted of family, fun, and good food. We couldn't have asked for a better Easter!
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  1. Oh Chelsea, he is adorable! Love his bunny photo shoot! What a treasure! Sounds like you are all doing well!! Great to hear it! Enjoy!!

  2. What adorable photos! I can't wait to meet our little dude now!

  3. First, I'd eat the ears, then, I'd take a big bite of the tushie...Connor, you are the embodiment of yummy!


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