Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Score

While picking up something at Target the other day, I stumbled upon these beautiful babies:

And I snatched them up real quick before anyone else could get their paws on them!

You see, I've been eyeing these beautiful white lamp bases for months now, but I'm too cheap to fork out the 60 bucks apiece that they were originally priced at. But they were on clearance - for 15 bucks a pop! And for $30 total for two lamps (just half of what one cost full-priced), I was more than willing to shell out the moolah (or rather, my credit card in this case).

Yep, just imagine this pregnant lady with her arms full of these two huge lamps walking through Target. That was totally me, and I did get alot of strange looks like "why didn't she grab a cart?". What can I say - I should know by now that there's never just a "quick trip" to Target to pick up only one item, and should just give in and grab a cart at the get-go - or else I'll no doubt find myself in the same lugging-huge-breakable-items-around-the-store-in-my-arms predicament.

But. These babies are totally worth the effort.

(just ignore our dirty house in the background... it's nursery progress in the making, mkay?)

Now I just have to find somewhere to put them... oh, and find some shades for 'em, too. They look a bit nekkid at the moment.

Have you scored any sweet finds lately?
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  1. Love those! And I was just at Target...I might have to go back and see if my Target has them on sale too! ;-)

  2. I love them! So perfect. Any thoughts on the type of shade you want to put on them? I'm envisioning something bright and colourful, but then I've been craving colour for a good long time now!

  3. Nette -

    No idea on the type of shade yet. Something colorful would be tons of fun, though! I'll have to see where these babies end up! :)


  4. Love it...just imagining Chelsea and her baby bump carrying them thru the store! :)

  5. What a great find!!! And I can imagine the two lamps flanking the preggo belly! Funny!


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