Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Freeasy" Kitchen Update

Yep, I totally just combined "free" and "easy" to make a new word.  And it's going down on my "Favorite Made-Up Words" list, too.

Don't you love it when you get hit with some inspiration and update something easily in your house for free? Whether it's swapping out throw pillows between rooms or re-purposing an item from one function to another, I get all excited and giddy when I'm able to make a change without spending any change. Oh yeah.

What can I say? Sometimes it's the little things that get me all worked up.

Like our kitchen. Oh how we love it. We still stare at it in amazement sometimes at how different it is now than it was 2 years ago when we bought it (shudder).

Obviously it's much improved, however it's still lacking a few of the finer details. Like baseboard and quarter round, and some trim around the tops of the cabinets. We'll get to those things all in good time.

But there was one particular area that stuck out like a sore thumb.

See that big empty space above the microwave?

The big plan for this space was to create a DIY wine rack (since we're such big wine enthusiasts), so we would have a nice space that looked pretty to store our wine stash in. So for the past year I just stashed a few bottles up there willy-nilly until we found the time to create our custom wine rack.

And one day I just got sick of looking at that big empty, sad and wasted space. Or rather, one day while nesting and clearing out the studio/future nursery, I had a hit of inspiration: what if I switched out the three woven storage bins that used to reside in the side table, and put them above the microwave? I'd prefer to have something softer for Baby M's storage besides the rough woven baskets, anyways.

Imagine my surprise and yes, utter disbelief when they fit the empty space perfectly! (seriously, things are NEVER that easy around here!).

They just happened to be the perfect size and slide into that cubby snuggly (but not too snug!), and they look just like we made the space intentionally just for them.

I love happy accidents - don't you?

I filled the middle one with all of our coffee travel mugs (for some reason we have accumulated quite a few), and the other two are amazingly empty! "Empty" is such a beautiful word when there's a baby on the way. I have a feeling we'll be needing every square inch of space we can get our hands on!

And here's a little before-and-after action of the quick switcharoo:

We just love the texture and storage that those simple woven baskets add to our white kitchen. It's such a small and simple thing, but it's really made a huge difference! And I, for one, am very happy that I don't have to look at the electrical socket anymore while I cook. Score.

Anyone else loving the bit of texture it adds to our row of kitchen cabinets? Have you made any easy or free updates around your own home lately? Do you love those "free updates" as much as we do?
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  1. That is an incredible happy accident, that would never work out for me!


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