Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy and Cheap Silhouette Decor

Wow, thanks for all the warm wishes and congratulatory comments on our big announcement from Friday! I'll be sure to keep you guys updated throughout the next 6 months until the big day (for more current updates, you can visit my pregnancy blog). We're really quite excited - this will probably be one of our biggest adventures yet!

Okay, okay, enough about the baby - onto some DIY home improvement!

Our dining room floating shelves needed something to celebrate Spring and brighten things up a bit. They were still filled with all sorts of natural colors, such as tans and browns, with a bit of green thrown in.

They needed something a bit fun. And personal.

So I jumped on the silhouette bandwagon!

I just traced our silhouette outlines from a couple good profile photos of us, added a few design elements (like a chevron pattern in the background), printed them out and popped them into a set of cheapo frames I bought for $2.50 at Target awhile back.

Aren't they fun?

I even made a silhouette of our youngest furry son, Barley (although his silhouette might get swapped out when little Baby Magruder arrives!).

I think his came out quite stoic. Looking at it you'd never know that he's a huge goofball.

So that's one easy way to spice up your casa with a chic and custom look for cheap (in our case, $2.50). I used a computer to draw the silhouettes, but anyone can do this without one - just grab some tracing paper and some side-profile photos to achieve the same effect! You can even spice it up with some fun scrapbooking paper, too.

Anyone else jumping on the silhouette bandwagon, too? Or have you been on the wagon for some time already? I'll admit - we're a bit late to this party!
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  1. Nice job. Where did you get the other prints really love them..


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