Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our New Baby

No, not that kind of baby! Sheesh.

More like we finally got a fancy new DSLR!

Exciting, right? We're super excited about it! This is the first "real" semi-professional camera we've ever owned, so it's officially our new "baby". Just check out some of the photos it takes vs. my little point-and-shoot:



Big difference, huh?

After months of looking and researching, we finally settled on the Canon Rebel T2i, and so far we couldn't be happier with it!


We've been taking lots of photos of everyday things around the house to test the new camera out...

 And of course, Barley's been a great model for us, too...

Of course, we're still figuring out this whole "real" camera thing still and getting used to it, so it might be awhile before we start managing to get really good shots. Yup, I need to brush up on my photography skills so I can re-learn all those fancy-schmancy manual settings that I learned back in my photography class in college, like white-balance and setting the depth-of-field and shutter speed and ISO and all that good stuff.

But in the meantime... boy, is this new camera fun to play with!

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  1. The photos are amazing! How much was that bad boy?

  2. The new camera makes such a difference! We've have a dslr Nikon for over two years and I'm still learning how to use that bad boy.

    PS: I see you have 2 of the Dolce slipper chairs. We just ordered those and have had trouble putting them together. Did you experience this?

  3. My heart skipped a beat there for a!! That is the same baby that I have (just got it for Christmas) and I love it! You can really see the difference already, although I always thought you took great shots with your other camera. I'm still learning about all that manual stuff too. I always shoot in manual now but just play around with the settings. I love my 50mm fixed lens too and it's not very pricey.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Life in Rehab - Haha, it wasn't cheap! We spent around 1,000 buckaroos on that baby, although we did upgrade the lens.

    Hilary - Yes, we did have TONS of trouble putting those pesky (but oh-so-cute) Target Dolce chairs together! They're tricky, and several times we thought we'd have to return them, but we finally got them together. It takes 2 people to do it - one person pushing down with all their weight on the seat cushion (to push it more towards the back cushion), while the other person screws all the bolts in place. Good luck!


  5. Ooooh, I'm jealous! Those pictures are great. I desperately need a new camera!!!


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