Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Questions Answered...

For everyone who's asked, here some more info on our treadmill and erg:

What kind of treadmill do you have?
Our treadmill is a Spirit XT385 model, and we couldn't be happier with it! It's a solid machine, and we love that it doesn't wobble at all when we run on it. It's a little pricey, but sometimes it's true - you get what you pay for (and from what we've heard, this statement is more than true for treadmill machines thanks to all the tough abuse they have to endure). Plus, scoring a great deal on it and obtaining a fantastic warranty totally sealed the deal for us. (Still interested? There's a helpful review on it here.)

What type of warranty is on it?
There's a 15-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on everything else through the store we bought it from, Body Basics. As for a manufacturer's warranty, there's a 10 year parts warranty. If something breaks we just call the store we bought it from (Body Basics), and they will come fix it for us, but from what we've read this brand of treadmill is built really well with quality parts, so it'll last for years with regular maintenance (which we make sure to do every 6 months as recommended - what can we say, we love our treadmill!).

Where did you put your rowing machine (erg)?
Since we weren't planning on having another piece of workout equipment in our house, we put it the only decent place we could think of - our huge laundry room. Really, a washer and dryer only need so much space, and we had plenty of it in there! Here's a pic of our laundry room way back when we bought the house:

Pretty spacious space for doing clothes, huh?

What kind of erg did you get for free?
Well, let's just say that she's seen some better years in her life before - but hey, we never look a free erg in the mouth! As a competitive rower over 8 years, I've seen all sorts of ergs new and old, but I've never seen this kind or brand before. It's in pretty good condition and even has a digital screen for keeping track of time, splits, and spm (strokes per minute). The digital screen shows numbers but doesn't seem to work, but Tom figures he can probably fix that pretty easy. Besides that, it works great!

Here's a quick pic of her all folded up against the wall - just ignore all that mess you see, mkay? There's projects-in-the-making, people!

I think that about rounds up the questions. Feel free to ask any other questions in the comments section!

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  1. We don't currently have a free erg, but if anyone wants to give us a Concept 2 Model D or E, email me!! Happy Rowing!


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