Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The New Rug is Here! The New Rug is Here!

Remind anyone of Steve Martin in The Jerk?

Yup, that was pretty much us when we realized that the rug we ordered was waiting for us on our doorstep!

Did anyone guess which rug we picked correctly? I think a few of you might have!

We unrolled our lovely new yellow Andalusia rug from West Elm, and as we stepped back to admire the new floor threads, we couldn't help but be distracted by somebody who was even more excited than we were (and we were pretty dang excited!).

In short - Barley went crazy.

He rolled and rolled over every single inch of that rug. It was like it was catnip for dogs!

Oh, how I wish our video camera wasn't broken.

Anyways, once Barley got done eerily smothering cutely checking out the new rug (and it received his stamp of approval), we stepped back and admired it.

We love it! It has just enough modern but yet traditional flare to really amp up the color and fun in this neutral room while not looking out of place with our ugly beautiful faux lava fireplace and our scraggly rustic wooden beams.

And here's a quick shot of our old gray rug:

The new rug is so much more fun! We love the bright and bold pattern on it. Just what this room needed!


It's a light color, which is a must on the Barley-hair-shedding factor list. Seriously folks, that's one reason why we have so much light-and-bright going on in our house. That lil pup sheds like crazy!

In love?


And while we debated for a long time between this yellow one and this gorgeous lime green rug from West Elm as well, we opted for the yellow one. As you may have noticed, we're big fans of green and lime green, and while the green rug would've fit in perfectly in our living room, that was just the problem. We thought it would be too perfect, and too matchy-matchy.

And besides, yellow's a lovely accent color in our bedroom, so why not bring it out in other areas of the house, as well?

In the end, we LOVE this rug. Love. It. While it's not plushy by any means, it's substantial (and apparently hand-woven), and we feel confident that it will stand up to many years of abuse use by us, our guests, and our little furry son.

And now for some purdy daytime shots (with another furniture rearrangement and throw pillow swap, more on that later):

What do you guys think? Do you like it as much as Barley? Do you buy furniture and rugs according to your pets' hair color, too, or are we just weird like that?

(Psssttt.... we're selling our furniture! If you are interested in buying our gray Pier 1 furniture set or our faux leather black sofa and you live near Omaha, Nebraska, let us know!)
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  1. Once I finished chuckling over the classic phonebook scene (thanks for the laugh!), I was able to really look at yals new acquisition. It is perfect! Really cranks up the wow factor in your living room, and with the new furniture arrangement in first and last shots, looks absolutely beautiful. I agree with your choice of yellow, too. I love the apple green/green you already have used, but it would have been just a little too matched. This blends, yet pops on its own. Can't wait to see it with your new sofas. Well done, young grasshopper. =)

  2. That add a ton of life to the room! It really changes the whole mood. And yeah, the yellow was a better choice in this instance.

    Now give Barley a belly scritch for me.

  3. The yellow looks gorgeous in there! I loove the rug. I may just buy one for myself!

  4. Looks great..perfect choice. Afterall, puppy approved, right??

  5. Looks great! Can't wait to see the pillow update.

  6. It is beautiful! I think you made the perfect choice. I've always admired that rug.

  7. It looks so good!!! It's going to look awesome with the white couches. The yellow definitely adds that extra something to the room and complements the green that you guys already had going on.

  8. LOVE that pop of color it gives your room!!! What a difference!

    I love The Jerk !"I don't need nothing else but this paddle ball set..."

  9. It's wonderful! I love that it pops, but it's not TOO much pop. Great choice!

  10. First of all, LOVE the rug!! I've swooned over it for awhile now and considered it for my office - so jealous you have it! And secondly, you are totally not the only one that takes their fur children into account - we have 2 shed-tastic white cats, so we always have to think of their fur and claws. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our pets! :)

  11. The rug is awesome. I really love the new throw pillows. I can't wait to hear where you found them. They need to be in my living room! :)

  12. I'm thinking about buying this rug now so I'm curious if you have an update. Still love it? Is it holding up well?

  13. What size is that? It looks fantastic

    1. I believe it's 8'x5'. We've had it over 3 years now and it's still holding up fantastically! :) Thanks for dropping by!



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