Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?!

This is what we woke up a few weeks Saturdays ago, and I completely forgot about.

Until another more recent snowstorm hit us.

These photos were taken after a horrible few days - ice, snow, crazy wind, and bitter cold had raged outside all the previous night.

And then we woke up to this beautiful, sparkling, calm, and sunny winter wonderland.

...and then we spent the next few hours shoveling it.

Do you enjoy the pretty snow when it comes your way? Ever get laughed at if you say "I like the snow" (like me)? Anyone else going to be burning some calories out clearing paths in the next few days - like us?

And the big question: Are you looking forward to Spring yet?

We sure are!

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  1. I like snow too, when I have a working heater. Which we currently do not (going on 3 days now b/c no one can get here to fix it). So yes, I could not be more ready for spring! :)

  2. i live in florida where its 75 and we have the AC on lol i miss snow

  3. Absolutely looking forward to spring. But not because of snow... I'm looking forward to coming home from work in the daylight!

  4. I used to like snow, but I'm not so sure anymore. I really can't wait to see some green leaves and flowers again, especially after this snow storm!!!

  5. I've definitely burned some calories in the past 48 hours. Lots of shoveling at both the houses. Then I got home tonight and the neighbor was stuck in the alley. So we dug her out before our husbands got home. That's cardio to a whole new level. ;)

  6. I do love the way fresh-fallen snow looks! But I hate the aftermath... shoveling, melting, sloppy mess, etc.

    This brutal weather is really making me want spring to come SOON!

  7. I, too, live in Florida where we are "enjoying" high 70's, muggy air and cloudy skies. :( Not exactly picture postcard weather. So, the snow looks beautiful, calm, quiet and spirit lifting in my opinion. Of course, no shoveling required here in the tropics.


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