Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Offices

I love looking at home offices. Maybe it's because one day I'd like our space to be as neat, tidy, and of course pretty, as these inspiring images. And since we're tackling our own office at this very moment, I thought it'd be good to get some more inspiration as to what to do with the space's functionality and decor, since that stage is just around the corner.

For the above photo, I love the shelves and simple color scheme. It'd be wonderful to put huge shelves like these into our own home office!

I like the corner desk idea and the neat storage bench beside it. That bench looks like a comfy spot to curl up and read a novel (or in Tom's case, a medical textbook).

Wood paneling! In a modern space! I actually really like painted wood paneling - it adds depth and character to walls, and when painted, can blend into any decor style wonderfully.

I'm also really digging that rug.

Ah, to have big and beautiful windows to look out of when at your desk. Although I think I might spend more time daydreaming than actually working in here...

Okay, so this might not be an office, but it has gorgeous blue-painted paneling! And that black and white photo wall is perfect.

I love this space. It's urban, funky, and fun. I especially love the industrial look with the plywood squares, and those chalkboard squares fit the space perfectly.

While this space is more traditional, I like how the desk is nestled under a large storage/shelving area, and that the wall behind the desk is functional - it looks like cork backing,, or something that you can tack memos and notes to.

I really like this space - from the white floors to the ceilings, gray walls and pendant light.

And the above photo might be my favorite. I love the painted brick and all the bright colors combined with modern prints and furniture. Love!

Hopefully these photos might inspire you, or maybe even tickle your organizing fancy. We are hoping that our own little home office will turn out to be as organized and pretty as these... we will see! We've been busy bees around these parts lately, so stay tuned for a little update on our progress tomorrow!

{all images via bhg.com, pottery barn, and west elm}
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  1. Can't wait to see your 'new' office! Great inspiration photos..I really loved the second one w/ the cozy reading bench. I'm trying to work in a little office space in a non-office room so this was great!

  2. Where'd you get that 2nd to last picture? I LOVE it! I want to used galvanized accents in my bathroom and that room has tons of them!

  3. Oooh, I also love the rug in the third photo. Yum!


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