Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween Costume

Yesterday I showed you our fun and festive (and a bit chaotic!) Halloween decorations.

I also shared poor Barley's costume (he was the Headless Horseman's mount, in case you can't tell).

But I completely forgot to share our costume.

Last year we went as people from Taco Bell's Black Taco commercial. You know... "Black shirt, black dress, black shoes, black sheep.... black EYE!... Black Taco."

Didn't see it? Check it out here, it's pretty sweet. Besides having a hilarious and cheap costume (read: $0), we also scored lots of free Black Tacos from Taco Bell throughout the night.


This year we were on another mission for a funny and cheap (aka, $0) costume.

Did I mention that we're total dorks?
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