Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a Monster Mash!

Last year we didn't do much for Halloween, considering that major home renovations were still underway. This year, however, I'm happy to say that we had a great Halloween, and decked out the front of the house in ghoulish decor to entice the little trick-or-treaters to head our way.

The cemetery.

If you look closely, you'll see the "Bush Monster" red eyes hidden in the bushes. He goes off when there's any sort of noise, and the red eyes light up and he growls while shaking the bushes. It's pretty clever, and we found that if we closed the door loud enough he would go off when the trick-or-treaters were walking back down the path after getting their treats.


The decorations at dusk and at night. We left the bright porch light on so the little kids wouldn't be too scared to come up and endure the tricks to get their treat.

Even Barley got in the spirit of Halloween.

Hi, our names are Tom and Chelsea, and we love to humiliate our dog for fun.

We think we attracted quite a crowd of little monsters this year. We spotted lots of cars that would drive up and let a little group of kiddos out to run up to our house. We figured this happened either because our house was just so cool they had to stop by, or because our house was one of the few all decorated for Halloween (the downside of having all elderly neighbors).

So we're wondering - how was your Halloween? Did you keep it simple or go-all out? Did you hand out candy or leave out a bowl (and if you did, was there any left at the end of the night)? And Barley wants to know - do you humiliate your pets, too (he wants to make sure he's not the only one!)?
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  1. You know we enjoy making Arwen's life a living hell! Why, just last night we forced her AND Stirling to run to the kitchen for a treat EVERY time kids came waddling up the walkway.

    What? That's not cruel?

    LOVE the decorations. You bush monster is definitely my favorite. You should video that bad boy before the Halloween goodies come down.

  2. Love your Halloween decor! We don't get a lot of Trick or Treaters on our street, or else we would do more decorating..

  3. The dog costume is so cute! Barley doesn't mind too much I don't think. Your house looks like the kind we'd drive around to go up to!!

    Our n'hood is very quiet and we only got one trick or treater (by the looks of what was left out). We went to another n'hood so my younger daughter could trick or treat w/ her friends. Pretty simple but fun!

  4. Thanks for voting and entering my giveaway. That picture ..well..I love it too, she's giving me a look, ya know?

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! It was so much fun to see all the kids eyeing (or screaming) from the decorations (and the bush-monster). All-in-all, we figure we had around 40 little monsters that night. :)


  6. poor Barley!!! That ain't right!!!


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