Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kitchen Remodel: Tile Blacksplash {Part 1}

As some of you new readers may or may not know, we've been remodeling the kitchen - for the past year. Boy, how time flies when you're DIYing! But seriously, shortly after starting this little ole' blog, I wrote this post of yore detailing our qualms with the kitchen and the flooring installation that was already completed at that time.

Yes, there was actually carpet in our kitchen. Ew.

Anyways, over the past year we've devoted countless hours of time, energy and love to our little kitchen. DIY remodeling a kitchen on the cheap isn't easy, ya know. So, one DIY project at a time, we've slowly been gittin'-r-done in this blast from the past kitchen (pssst, you can view all our projects in the "Projects" tab. They're sorted by rooms in that fancy interactive area to the left under the "Inside" section).

Now, I could bore you with all the gazillion projects we've undertaken in this little cookin' area, but I won't - it would probably take me forever to list them, anyways. But let me suffice to say that we've done it all ourselves - from flooring, to electrical, to tiling new granite countertops - it's truly been a labor of love, which is good, because you really need alot of love if you want to remodel anything on a teeny-tiny budget.

This is what the kitchen looked like the day we were handed the keys to this baby:

Um, yikes. Those photos still make me cringe.

After alot of hard work, this is what the kitchen looked like before my parents drove up to visit:

Soo much better, right?

But we were still missing something.

The backsplash.

I had spent one whole afternoon one day slowly chipping out the flower-power tiles from the old backsplash, and this is what was left:

Which wasn't very appetizing when cooking dinner, let me tell you.

Now, I could say that I had no idea what tiles we would put in for a backsplash, and yack on-and-on about the decision (and really, I'm normally a very indecisive person, as Tom will surely tell you), but the truth is, I've known what sort of tiles would be going into our kitchen for the backsplash all along.

White subway tiles.

Classic, streamlined, "on trend", vintage, neutral, and cheap - what more could we ask for? It also didn't hurt that these tiles are the exact same ones that we already had in our shower - just a different shape (rectangle instead of a square). And I'm all about trying to repeat certain finishes/elements throughout a house to make it feel more cohesive.

See the white square tiles in the shower?

So - bring on the tiles, baby, we got a backsplash to make!
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  1. Oooh lala! That's totally the route we want to head as well! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


  2. We have those in the upstairs bath, and I love the look. Bring on the DIY!

  3. We're also doing white subway tiles in our kitchen renovation. You really can't beat 23 cents a tile and a clean, polished look! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  4. Love subway tiles- I did them in my shower, and I almost did them for my backsplash too. It's going to look so fresh! (Fresh as in "cool". Cool as in "radical".)


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