Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Dirty Little Secret

I have something to admit.

Something that we tried to hide for a long time.

Something that was so horrendous that when guests would come over I would pray they wouldn't figure out our secret.

Our garage was a pit. No. Seriously. It was a pit. Every time I walked by there I could swear I could hear pigs rooting around in the junk. It was so bad that we shoved the thought of the garage and the objects piled up the ceiling straight to the back of our minds. We tried not to think about it, because then we would just cringe in horror.

We have not been able to park a car in our garage for months.


And yes, that IS a dead plant among the rubble in the above photo. Ew.

This weekend, after running a 5k race (or rather for me, a 7.25k - don't ask), we took a quick nap and then got to work. Because we were tired of freaking out whenever a guest walked by the door to the garage, afraid that they would look through the glass window and see our shameful mess.

And we were tired of the pig noises.

How To Take-Back A Garage From The Pigs

Step 1: Finally reach the point that you can't stand it anymore. Say your final goodbye to your housemate piggies.

Step 2: Decide to spontaneously clean out said pigsty the afternoon following a race you ran in which you got completely lost and wound up running in a completely different race than the one you were supposed to be running in. A much, much, LONGER one.

Step 3: Keep sodas and pain pills handy.

Step 4: Wait for the hottest weekend all summer to arrive to deal with the pig pen. Consider it an extra workout - all that sweat has to burn some calories, right?

Step 5: Completely remove every single thing from the pigpen, and set it all out in the driveway. Wave to the confused drivers who slow down that think you're having a garage sale.

Step 6: Strategerize what will go back into the now-nearly-empty garage, and where it will be placed.

Step 7: Get upset when you realized all that crap you lugged out of that glorified pigpen STILL WON'T FIT.

Step 8: Give up and decide to have a garage sale, already.

At least it's more organized now, and we can actually walk in the garage without tripping over something and cursing. We even found places to stash our smaller lawn care items and insecticides:

As well as getting some other tools up off the floor by hanging them:

The rest of the junk piled high on the left side of the garage and in the middle? Going to the garage sale. Hallelujah!

But what about you guys? What's your shameful secret that you don't want to own up to? Is your garage sparkling clean, or do you need to use our tutorial on How To Take-Back A Garage From The Pigs? 
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  1. I can't tell's a secret! But just between us...the unfinished part of our basement!
    Don't tell anybody!

  2. Way to get organized! It's a great feeling isn't it?

  3. Our garage is a complete mess too! I cannot seem to keep things in any state of organization out there. We couldn't park our cars in it even if I did clean it out because the pile of dirt is still blocking the door. You guys did a great job!! I noticed that little erg in there too... do you use for work outs?

  4. Organized your home with nice tips to get better look..

  5. I feel your pain. Our garage is getting worse and worse every day. We can still park both our cars in there but I find that I have to turn sideways and side step my way to the kitchen door... I just don't understand why we collect so much STUFF? lol


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