Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Great Fan Debate

Since we've been busy prepping for our ginormous garage sale this weekend, we really haven't had much time for other projects. Well, that and I blame the heat. Who wants to go outside and refinish bedroom furniture during an excessive heat warning? Um, no thanks.

Instead, we were thinking that we'd do a little debate session here. We've long noticed that ceiling fans seem to be an objects of serious discord around the blogosphere home design community. In fact, we've seen people get emotional and very hot-headed about it.

So - where do you stand on the ceiling fan issue?

Are you all pro-ceiling fans for their moneysaving qualities and cooling/warming functionality?

 Or do you prefer something other than a ceiling fan in a room?

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We're honestly curious about your stance on this topic. We'd love it if you would take the poll below and then leave a comment telling us more about your opinion!

What's your take on the Great Ceiling Fan Debate?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of them usually, but for practicality purposes, I see the appeal. I think many light fixtures look better than a ceiling fan, but I personally would probably still consider a fan if my ceilings were high enough and I needed the extra air flow in the space. When the fans are high enough that they aren't really noticeable, I don't mind them but in rooms with lower ceilings, they tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves. However, if one is pretty enough, then that isn't a problem!

    So basically, I should have voted for both but I voted for not being a big fan, but now you have my explanation. :)

  2. I don't like the way they look, but in the heat of summer they definitely help keep the house cool. We have then in every single room of the house, and I'm debating whether to get rid of a few and put in other (prettier) light fixtures.

  3. Gotta have a fan. In the South, it just isn't an option. We even run them in the winter, but on reverse of course. With high ceilings you gotta get back your heat thats trapped up there.

    To me, rooms (like living rooms and bedrooms) look odd without a fan. I think if the fan is the same color as the ceiling, and a low profile, it could work in a lower height ceiling as well.

  4. Don't love them but after living here for almost 5 years without them, I miss having them!!! We are having them installed in the bedrooms on Monday finally..It'll free up floor space in the kids rooms and help with air circulation in all of the rooms.

  5. We have ten fans in the house, and with so many great styles out there, it's not as if you have to skimp on good looks.


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