Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lantern Update

Remember a week ago when I showed you guys our new patio set for our front porch?

I also mentioned that these super-cute Pier 1 lanterns I scored on sale weren't working out too great.

Mostly because they were rusting. Even though they are called "OUTDOOR Lanterns" on the tag. And get this - the rust appeared after only having them for 6 days. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed in them. They fit the space perfectly, but unfortunately weren't working for our needs. Now, if our porch had a roof on it that would be a different story...

See the rust on the bottom? So off the pretty silver lanterns went, back to Pier 1. Sigh.
After that we kept our eyes open, but didn't happen upon anything that caught our eye.

Until we were at Costco on Sunday (we <3 Costco!), and randomly stumbled upon this beauty:

The best part? This OUTDOOR Lantern was really meant for the outdoors and standing up to the elements, because it's solar powered!

In the Owner's Manual it even talks about snow and ice, which we get plenty of in Nebraska. Usually we store all our outdoor furniture in our shed in the backyard, but if this baby can withstand the elements then we might just leave it out all year long.

And we get the pretty ambiance and light every night without even lifting a finger... or lighting a candle. Score.

We love our new lantern - it actually gives off a decent amount of light at night, is practically maintenance-free, and we even love all the little fake dew drops on the glass which give it a touch more ambiance. We're happy as can be about it, even though at the moment it blends in a little too much against the please-help-me-I've-been-neglected-and-need-new-paint porch railing. Yes, yes, we know - it's already on our To-Do List, no worries. We're just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit before we get going on the exterior remodel.

What else are are we happy about? This large lantern was only $32, about the same price as the two totally un-outdoorsy lanterns from Pier 1. Sweet.

What do you guys think? Are you big fans of solar-powered outdoor decor, too? Anybody else score any great finds recently? Do you love Costco as much as we do? Spill the beans!
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  1. Costco is awesome. I have been drooling over the grills they have on display.

    I love the new lantern! I guess I've gotta take a trip to Costco this evening to check it out :)

  2. It looks great and definitely seems more sturdy than the other two. It will be nice to have light year round too! Great find!

  3. Beautiful!! I like it because the size really fits and fills that corner. Once the railing is painted, it is going to show up even more. And no messy candle wax, no keeping matches around, no fire's a beaut, Clark! =) I'm liking it so much, I'm sitting here trying to figure out where I could use one....maybe the deck, or hang it from the front porch ceiling in front of the door..hmmmmmmm.

  4. Beautiful! Too bad about the Pier 1 lanterns, but I think you definitely got a better deal with the Costco one!

  5. Oh wow, that's so much more lux looking, and I LOVE solar lighting!

  6. That solar lantern is awesome! I think it's the way to go w/ outdoor lighting!! I must get over to Costco and see if they have them here. They'd be perfect for my deck. I'd love to see it in the snow too.


  7. Thanks for the comments, guys!

  8. hi! Thanks for your sweet comment about my little table. I just realized you're in Omaha too! SMALL world:) Love your blog!


  9. We bought four of these lanterns at Costco for $50 each. They no longer work. We have tried everything. Are yours still working? Did you get any warranty info with yours?

    1. Sorry to hear that! Ours is still working great, although the inside bottom silver stuff is starting to crack a bit, although I feel that's to be expected after several years of being outside.

  10. What brand is it? I can't read the name on the box. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!


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