Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loungin' in Style

We scored a new patio set for our porch.

Goodbye cheap ugly plastic chairs. Oh how I won't miss fetching you to return you to your proper spot after the wind has tossed you around.

These babies come with weather-resistant faux wicker, reinforced with a steel frame.

Oh how we love anything that's practically maintenance-free.

The only downside is that we don't have a roof over our little porch, so the cushions will surely get beaten by the sun, wind and rain. But that's okay - luckily these chairs are a standard size, so whenever the cushions need replacing I can pick up some new ones at Tarjay or somewhere else for cheap.

Because we all know me and my mad sewing skillz, and there is no way I'd ever be able to glue a new cushion together.

Just sayin'.

This awesome oh-so-comfy patio conversation set came from our favorite place - Lowe's. On clearance. I tell ya, if you want some good outdoor stuff for cheap, go shopping right now.

And the oh-so-cute outdoor lanterns? Pier 1. Although I have to say, these babies are getting returned ASAP. One week outside and they're already rusting.

And yes, they are called "OUTDOOR" lanterns. Oh, the irony. So my advice to you: don't buy the silver lanterns from Pier 1 if you're actually going to use them outside.

We love our new patio set, which was a wonderful gift from Tom's parents (thanks so much!) for our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary. We use this set all the time. We eat breakfast and lunch out here on the weekends, enjoying the outdoors and listening to the birds sing, and we'll eat out here during the week, too. And if only we had a roof over our porch, we could have a nifty little rug and some hanging lanterns, too. Perhaps one day.

What do you guys think? Is there a special spot that you like to sip your morning coffee, as well? Anybody else have a porch who's also coveting a roof over their heads like us? Let's talk porches!
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  1. I love faux wicker...could you tell? That's a nice sleek set you guys picked up too, very attractive. I like the lanterns too, but if they're rusting back they go!

    I'm going through options right now to cut the overhead glare at our house. Fall is right around the corner, and the chilly 75 degree weekends will be a perfect time to pick up construction again.

  2. Thanks for the tip about Lowe's. I've been there far too often lately, but I didn't even think to check on outdoor furniture! Hopefully they have something with a loveseat-sized chair.

    As for overhead coverage, I have been secretly dreaming of a chunky pergola or an all-weather canopy like this gazebo at JCPenney.

  3. Your porch looks so inviting! We have one cozy chair on our front porch that we use all the time, but one person always has to sit on the stairs or the table. I think we need to upgrade to two chairs and a table like you have.

  4. Oh it looks so nice and welcoming Chelsea! Our deck isn't covered so the furniture gets "weathered". We try to bring in our cushions if we know it's going to rain but usually just leave them out (they are all weather fabric). We do bring them in permanently for the winter. The deck is where we go if we want some nice outdoor dining, lounging or reading.

  5. Whoa, that looks so good! I have the red lanterns from Pier 1, and they have not a spot of rust on them. But, I bring them in before it rains...anyway, the paint coat must help protect them.

  6. Um, totally love those chairs!! Bummer about the lanterns, though. I'm on the lookout for some lanterns myself...let me know if you find some better ones that actually make ith through the outdoors.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, guys!

    @Sunny - You'll have to keep us informed! I'm super-interested in what you guys are gonna do for some overhead coverage.

    @Sarah - Definitely keep an eye out at Lowe's - we've scored some major deals there on everything from furniture to mirrors. Love it! And that canopy you have your eye on looks amazing - I wonder if we could put one over our patio?

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!



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