Monday, June 14, 2010

Master Bedroom Remodel: Layout Ideas

Last week we revealed our big closet remodel (where we managed to double our storage space on the cheap), and while we had all of our clothes conveniently (or not so conveniently!) stashed in other places throughout the house, we figured we might as well go ahead and get it all over with. And so begins the Master Bedroom Remodel.

But before we attacked anything with a paintbrush (even though we -- er, I was itching to just get 'er done!), we knew it was important to first take into account the most challenging problem of the room: the layout.

The room is Tiny with a capital T. There is one small closet, two small windows, and the whole room measures only 10 x 12.5 ft. Trying to fit everything we need in there is like working a jigsaw puzzle!

Here is our room setup right now:

(Yeahhh, definitely in need of a major makeover!) While the setup has worked for us for awhile, it needs some improvement.

So I've been searching for some inspiration about what, exactly to do in here. We have some very restrictive limitations to work with, so we will have to get creative (I tend to think that the best creative ideas always come from very restrictive limitations, anyways - don't you?). Below are some inspirational images that caught my attention because they all, in some way or another, offer creative solutions to our small layout dilemma:

I love this! We could keep our current layout, but spice it up with new window shades and wall-length curtains, which would envelope the space and also hide the fact that there is only one window on the left of the bed.

This is another great idea for a space. The small side tables and floating shelves would work great for us.

I love this idea, of using paint and molding to create the feel of a big, bold headboard, with lots of visual height. The use of a chair as a side table adds tons of character and interest.

Instead of side tables we could create a focal wall to put in a built-in bookcase.
The only question for this one is: which wall?

I like the playful style of this room, but I was more drawn to the dresser placed at the foot of the bed.

This is another good example of squishing a big bed into a small space and making it work. The use of sconces mounted onto the walls above the bedside tables frees up valuable space but still provides ample bedtime reading light.

I really like the idea of using a dresser as a nightstand, freeing up plenty of precious floor space. The fact that the windows are placed almost identically to ours is a big plus.

Another option to create symmetry is to create the illusion of two windows by hanging up window treatments over a spot of bare wall on one side.

Last but not least, this is one of my favorites. It's quirky and unusual, and that's why I like it. Placing the bed in a corner on the diagonal would add interest and space to the room. The only question is whether or not the rest of the furniture would fit!

Now that we have quite a few different layout options to consider, we can draw up a floor plan of the space to save us time (and sore muscles!) from moving and rearranging furniture until it looks just right.

What do you guys think of the different layout inspiration we found? Anything you could apply to your own small (or big!) bedroom? Any other furniture arrangement tips for us? Let's talk floor plans!

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  1. Many great ideas here. I think visual simplicity in a small space makes a room look bigger (the 3 picture one with yellow punches of colour appeals most to me).
    Now, this is going to sound a bit paranoid, but I understand that is good advice so I am going to put it out there. Think carefully about what you hang over your bed--just imagine it falling on you in the middle of the night. You live in a tornado area (I think) and I live in an earthquake area (I know) so our chances of stuff shaking off our walls and onto our heads is significant. I always feel a bit queezy when I see heavy objects, mirrors, or glass-covered pictures over headboards...
    I am not saying we need to have dried flowers above our beds (urg), just something that won't shatter or knock us out.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  2. Built ins and wall mounted lighting are my best suggestions. And I know why you like the corner wedged bed; I had to do that once myself. I found myself with a lot of wasted floor space and no place to put a nightstand, therefore no place for a glass or a book! But you're on the right track, and I do like your ideas.

  3. i like the idea of using dressers as night stands...i used that idea for my room in the house i rented in OKC and in my dad's house right now. I also think the floating shelves could be a good idea.

    How you thought about using space underneath the bed for storage(if there's room)? It's worked great for me!

  4. Thanks for dropping in, guys!

    @Jan - You are correct, we are in (or very near) Tornado Alley, and do have the occasional twister roll through town every now-and-then. I also totally understand your concern - I imagine the same things when I see very heavy objects a bed, too! No worries on that note, though - we've got a plan! :)

    @Sunny (Life in Rehab) - I'm also really digging the wall-mounted lights (total space saver and super-convenient!) and the built-ins. My only thing with the built-ins is which wall would we put them on? Every wall has either a door, the closet, or a window. Very frustrating. I am really loving the corner-wedged bed - it's so unusual! I have considered the nightstand problem... would some small floating shelves have worked for you? Or would they have looked funny?

    Thanks again for stoppin' in!


  5. Thanks for commenting, Clyde!

    Good to know that using your dresser as a nightstand worked well for you! And thanks for the tip on the underbed storage - we've currently got ours pretty full (even with the new closet system!), and I don't know what we would do without that precious extra storage space.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  6. I LOVE the floating candle holders in pic #2. I think that's going in my bathroom for sure! Can you provide the source page where you found it? And I think the symmetrical window illusion in your second-to-last pic is a great idea.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do! I love the idea of nightstands doing double duty as dressers for additional storage.


  8. I definitely think you should do an entire wall of fabric behind the bed, whether you put it on the wall by the closet, or the other one. So dramatic and hides the off-center windows. I also love sconces on the wall coming out from the fabric, so luxurious!

  9. We have a tiny bedroom, too, and we ended up centering the bed beneath a window and extending the window treatments the width of the bed. I know how hard it is! Love your inspiration!

  10. We positioned our bed on an angle (like your last picture). It does make the bedside table situation a little awkward, but that issue was solved with half-round tables! (Actually, we've used small drop-leaf tables and only opened one side...the long-flat side of the tables are against the wall.)

    Loving your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. I love all those ! My fav is the last one with the bed turned sideways :) PS- LOVE THE NEW CLOSET!

  12. I hope by this time you have found a solution to your tiny bedroom. I also have a very tiny bedroom that measures 9 by 12 with a queen size bed taking up most of the space. Our layout of the bedroom is just like yours. Two small windows being in odd places in the room. I am thinking about getting an wrought Iron bed since the headboard we had blocked all the window. I think a wrought Iron bed would let light and a breeze come in the room. I want to get one with a foot board so I can hang our big quilt over it when not in use. I saw floor lamps that project out and would hang over the nightstands. I found some tiny night stands that have two drawers in them to keep the table top clear of clutter. I want to find a mirror that is close to the same size of the window and hang it on the wall where the headboard would be, balance out the space. Then I will fill that area in with picture frames or small art work and candles. A tall 6 drawer dresser will be placed in the corner opposite the bed. These our my ideas, thanks for sharing yours.


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