Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is that Insulation on your Lawn?

Our plan this past weekend was to get further along in our kitchen countertop project. We had hit another one of those stubborn bumps in the road, but thought we might've figured out a way around it, and put our idea to the test on Sunday.

The result? Failure. Yet again.

So we took out our frustration on our lawn.

Last Spring/Summer/Fall, all we did to the lawn was water it and mow it every now and then. We figured we had enough on our hands fixing up the inside of the house to bother with the outside, and merely just limited our time spent on the exterior stuff to strictly upkeep.

We had inherited a yard that needed a bit of work, and decided that Sunday was the perfect day for fixing it up, mostly because we'd had it up to there with the kitchen. The front yard had alot of weeds in several spots, the grass is very thin and sparse, and there were several dead areas of grass - thanks to Barley. I tell ya, it's a good thing he's cute.

Anyways, we did a little reading on lawncare (because yes, we are amateurs when it comes to yards and plants, too!), and came to the conclusion that the yard needed a Spring Sprucing-Up. So we grabbed our rakes and raked the entire thing, to get stuff called "thrush" out of it, which is basically a bunch of dead stuff under the green grass - dead leaves, dead grass, perhaps even some old doggie "presents". We managed to fill a whole trash can full of thrush.

Then, we proceeded to break up the hard areas of dirt in the yard by using some sort of crazy ninja-star tool, that's supposed to weed/break up dirt/mix all at the same time. It's way cool, and totally worth the 25$. Plus, we feel super awesome when we wield this baby out there in the yard.

After that was done, we went around to all the bare spots of clumpy dirt and added some topsoil. Then we topped it off with our Patch Master Grass Kit stuff - which really just looks like lime green/aqua blue insulation with little grass seeds in it. We spread it on the spots. It makes our yard look "special".

Our neighbors have already come over asking why we put insulation on our lawn.

Then we water it twice a day for 7-14 days, and pray and hope that it works and we'll have a nice lawn sooner or later. Or at least some grass. Or even for the bright blue/green insulation to melt away into the ground. Crossing our fingers. Do you have any tips you'd like to share with us beginners? Did we miss a step? Will we wake up tomorrow and our lawn be dead as a doornail? (I hope not!)

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