Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Recap

One of the perks of working for a government contractor is that you get federal holidays off. 3 day weekend = hallelujah. We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday, though, as being a student does have it's downsides.

First, we awoke bright and early on Saturday and Tom made me homemade breakfast burritoes. They were great, honey... I'll just have to remember next time not to buy fat-free tortillas. Seriously, those tortillas crumbled into little bits once they came into contact with anything even remotely hot. We ended up racing to see who could eat theirs before the entire tortilla disppeared. It was pretty exciting. I won.

Then, we tackled a big project that we've been neglecting to do since... um, we moved in.

We thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed, and organized the entire laundry room, work bench, and storage room. Yup, that's right... we showed our love by scrubbing dirt, dust, and who-knows-what-else out of the deep, dark recesses of our house together. Photos will be posted later in the week of the results of our labor.

Afterwards, we were pretty hungry, but neither of us had thought to make dinner reservations. Oops. We knew from last year that just about every restaurant in town would have roundabout a 2 hour wait. So, we went ethnic. Last year on Valentine's, we spent the day at the Humane Society, picking out our puppy. Afterwards, we went to eat in a little chinese restuarant in a strip mall. No wait = awesome. This year we decided to continue the ethnic-Valentine theme, and went to dinner at an Indian restaurant in a strip mall. And guess what? There was no wait. In fact, the place was nearly empty. Sweet.

Then we headed home for the highlight of our night: a movie, a bottle of fantastic champagne (housewarming gift), some wine and chocolate fondue. Yep, we busted out the little fondue making kit and went to town with marshmellows, bananas and strawberries. Yum.

All-in-all, it was a very productive and fun Valentine's Day.

What did you guys do (or not do!) for the big day? Did you go all-out or have a small little celebration? Did you do something together you've been meaning to do for a long time?


  1. Hey Chelsea! I just wanted to tell you I love your blog. Your house looks fantastic. You guys are great DIY'ers. Hope you're doing well!


  2. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Buying a fixer-upper has been the biggest and craziest adventure we've ever embarked on, and we love it! (and blogging about it, too). We are doing fantastic, and I hope you are, too! Thanks again for stopping by. :)

    - Chelsea


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