Monday, December 7, 2009

New Storm Door.

While we were waiting for the mud in the kitchen remodel to dry so we could get down 'n dirty with the sanding, we made a run to Lowe's for some supplies. While there, we happened to stumble across the storm doors, something we've been intending to add to the front of the house since replacing the front door (and the fact that it is a requirement in the Omaha Housing policy might have had something to do with it, too!). After careful consideration of the low-end doors, we decided the cheapest one would look great - if it weren't for the ugly black plastic handle. So we asked the wonderful door section employee if there was any way we could buy the cheapest door, but with a different handle. When we mentioned that we wanted to do this thing cheap, a sly look came onto his face and he smiled as he turned to dig through a pile of doors behind him. He emerged with the exact door we were wanting - at 50% off because it was a return. We were ecstatic. But it didn't end there.

We noticed there was some hardware missing (the door handle), and a few scratches on the door frame. After a little more haggling, we managed to snag a 115$ door for only 25$! Although we had to purchase a door handle, we ended up saving lots of money, and ended up with a beautiful storm door that looks like it cost 300$, but really was less than 50$.

Here's our new storm door:

In addition to adhering to the housing code (and the aesthetic aspects of having a storm door), we will also save some money on our energy bills (extra insulation), and can even get an energy tax credit for it.
All in all, I'd say it was well worth the 50$!

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  1. Nice door! and what a buy. Keep up the bargain hunting and awesome home improvements on the cheap, and you may end up on HGTV yet! =)


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