About Us

Looking to learn a little more about yours truely?

We're Chelsea and Tom, a couple twenty-somethings who hail from opposites ends of the country. I'm from sunny Orlando, Florida, while Tom is from frigid Omaha, Nebraska. We both randomly ended up attending college in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we met on the first day and started dating a few weeks later.

Fast forward a few years, I managed to earn a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts and Tom got accepted into Med School in his hometown in Nebraska. We went through a whirlwind summer: graduating college, driving halfway across the country to Florida where we got married, followed by a wonderful honeymoon, another drive halfway across the country to Nebraska, where I landed a Graphic Design job and we rented a place for about 6 months before embarking upon our latest adventure: homeownership.

We bought a fixer-upper of a house, but not one day goes by that we regret being homeowners. We are complete amateurs in just about everything, but we are not afraid to dive into anything head first. Yup, we pretty much just make stuff up as we go along!

It has been, and will continue to be, an incredible, fun (and sometimes not so fun!) learning process.
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