Monday, February 13, 2012

Life with Baby

Long time no talk! It's sure been awhile since I've had the time or energy to get on the computer so I could talk to you guys. Let me just say: life with a baby? Completely different. Not bad, but you know all that free time that we used to have to work on the house and blog with? Practically gone. Yep. It's amazing how one tiny little being can take up all your time! (not that I'd have it any other way, mind you.)

So let me just say this - I apologize for our extended absence from the interwebs. I never really meant to take an impromptu bloggie break, but, well, things just sorta happened. Life happened. Once this little guy finally came into the world, we've been going and haven't really stopped, and before we knew it, it'd been a couple months since we've done much with the blog.


To catch you up on what's been going on with us lately...

After 2 months of maternity leave and getting to know the newest member of our family, I decided that I just couldn't handle going back to work - leaving the Con-man would totally break my heart. Yep. So I quit (which was pretty rough for me, because I've never been much of a quitter - I like to stick with things once I start 'em). Now I'm proud and happy to say that I'm a stay at home Mom. And (total shock to me, actually), I must say being a parent is much MUCH harder than I expected, but totally worth it. Everytime Connor smiles or laughs, my heart just melts and I forget about the latest crying episode. I guess it's a bit like that little black memory-erasor thing in the movie Men In Black. But, you know, more baby-ish and cute.

As far as my partner in crime goes, Tom has been interviewing all over the country (see? I told you we were busy!) at various anesthesia residency programs. He'll make a list ranking his top choices, and then the programs will rank their top student choices, and eventually he will be matched with one of his picks. Exciting, right? After he graduates this May as an official doctor (, he'll enter into the residency program he was matched to this summer and begin as a resident, where he will spend the next four (count 'em, four) years until he graduates and becomes a real doctor.

Since things have finally calmed down around here with the new addition, we're finding we have some time and energy to devote to house stuff again (yay!). Although our updates won't be everyday like they used to be, you can expect updates when we can. For starters, I'm personally shooting for at least 2 a week, but we'll see if the Con-man will be cooperative with that. The little guy doesn't always take naps anymore, which puts a bit of a cramp on the ole' house project time.

What else has changed around here? Well, anyday of the week you'll find our previously decently-clean house looks a little like this once you walk in the door...

Yep. Gotta love it.

Anyways, it's good to be back!
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  1. He is seriously so cute!! I'm so happy you're able to stay home with him!

  2. Every time I hear a story like this, I am shocked by how LITTLE time you guys south of me (and in most of the world!) get for maternity leave. Who ever decided that 2 months was enough time to recover from giving birth, adjusting to life with baby, and enjoying the new person in your life? I haven't had a baby yet, but I hardly envision myself ready to leave a 1 year old at the end of the year's maternity leave the Canadian government gives, let alone after 2 months! Congratulations on making a decision that's right for you and your husband! He's a beautiful baby boy!

  3. Kourtney & Nette -

    Thank you! I wish we had longer maternity leave here in the U.S., but even if we did, I'd probably opt to stay home with him, anyways. What can I say - he's got me wrapped around his chubby little finger. :)


  4. Chelsea, I was just thinking of you guys today! I thought I'd missed an update or something, but I see it's YOU who's been out of the loop, not me!

    Parenting is hard work. Sounds like your little guy demands a lot of attention right now. Good luck!

  5. Well there you guys are! Actually, as the Mom of the Minions, I knew where you were, trust me. There's nothing like ponytails, lack of sleep, and wearing the same pajamas for days on end to really wring a girl out.

    I applaud your decision to be a SAM, it isn't easy, and I wish I'd had the luxury to do it. Enjoy that little velvety bundle of cuddle-liciousness. And you know a slew of new pics every day or so will shut us up, right?

  6. Welcome back!!! Congratulations on being a stay at home mom! He's just adorable and it's great to see you back on the interwebs!


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